Sole Mates

Words and pictures by Grant Spolander Words and pictures by Grant Spolander

Sole Mates

A couple of months ago, I visited Alu-Cab’s Cape Town branch. While snooping around their workshop floor, I noticed a new Unimog, stripped down and ready for fitment. I’ve seen a number of cool campers come out of the Alu-Cab factory, but, let’s face it: a Unimog ain’t no ordinary 4x4. This truck’s reputation is legendary, so a Unimog camper is always going to come in for some high-level scrutiny.

I’m not saying Alu-Cab wasn’t good before, but seeing that truck standing in their workshop felt like a big step forward for this company. Alu-Cab is well known for their customised creations and overland rigs, but a Unimog is a whole new ball game; anything you do to a truck like this has to match up with its supreme abilities, build quality, and functionality.
It turns out that Alu-Cab’s brief for this project ran pretty much along those lines – design a comfortable, 4-sleeper camper that’s self-sufficient, functional and in harmony with the Unimog’s off-road reputation. It was a tall order, but once again these aluminium gurus have pulled it off beautifully.
For more information on this project and other custom camper work, give Alu-Cab a call on (021) 703 3028 or visit their website

1. Alu-Cab installed a comprehensive infotainment system consisting of DVD player, power management consol and the ability to check the Unimog’s diesel and water tank levels.

2. The cabin’s fully fitted with a high-end audio system, with multiple speakers and a powerful amp.

3. A 4 000 lb Warn winch is fitted to the rear of the truck, used solely to lower the big rig’s spare wheel.

4. A 13-litre SnoMaster fridge is fitted between driver and passenger.

5. In addition to the inside cooking area, a slide-out kitchen unit allows for al-fresco food prep and dining.

6. The camper sleeps four adults: two on the upper bunk and two below. Both double beds feature a 100 mm mattress, combining memory foam with a high-density base.

7. This rear-mounted box is especially designed for carrying firewood. 8. A gas stove is firmly mounted to a slide-out storage drawer and features a windshield for better heat retention.

9. There’s a dedicated compartment for tea, coffee and all your water-boiling needs.

10. The Alu-Cab camper boasts a design which complements the Unimog’s excellent departure angle.

11. A pop-out side tent creates a large sleeping area for the lower bunk.

12. The toilet compartment can be completely private, or open to the exterior (as seen here).

13. A comprehensive management board operates lights and battery power, and even detects gas leaks.

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