Terrain Response

Words and pictures by Grant Spolander. Words and pictures by Grant Spolander.

Product review: Cooper Discoverer AT3.

I have a confession to make: after nearly three years and 30 000 km, my Mud Terrain (MT) tyres have yet to see mud. Don’t get me wrong – it’s moerse fun to drive through the gooey stuff (especially in someone else’s 4x4), but the fact remains that mud is highly abrasive and damaging to a 4x4. Mud penetrates your 4x4’s U-joints, CV-joints, ball joints and tie-rod ends, wearing these components down prematurely. It’s also an overlander’s worst nightmare and it should be avoided at all costs when you’re miles from nowhere – or from the nearest helping snatch strap. So, I guess the obvious question is: why did I fit MTs if I wasn’t going to use them for their designed purpose? Well, though I haven’t tackled mud, I have gone off-road plenty of times, on rock and sand, where they performed really well. But, if I had to be perfectly honest about why I fitted MTs in the first instance, it was because they look bloody awesome!

Of course, there’s the age-old debate about whether MTs offer an overall increase in offroad performance, when compared to ATs. I’ve certainly found that my MTs never let me down; however, I’ve always wondered if they were, indeed, much better than a good set of ATs. Conveniently, I will soon be able to answer that question. Sometime last year, Cooper Tyres launched their new Discoverer AT3 tyre; they’re particularly proud of this new all-terrain tyre and they’ve now asked us to give them a try. So, with tears streaming down my face, I recently stripped off my vehicle’s MT tyres and lent them to a mate of mine, while a set of Cooper AT3s were fitted to my Jeep. The question I’ll be keeping in mind is: Are ATs the logical choice for most off-roaders, or are MTs still the best by far?

Over the next month or so we plan to put these Cooper AT3s to the test. But, in the meantime, please share your own thoughts and experiences with us on the MT versus AT debate. You can send your letters to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it....

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