Hold on tight

Words and pictures by Jess Fogarty. Words and pictures by Jess Fogarty.

A guide to fastening systems.

We’ve been Getting to know the ropes (Issue 21, No. 4), and have shown you the 9 knots every off-roader should know (Issue 21, No. 5), and now it’s time to get to grips with fastening systems. The annoyances and dangers of an unrestrained load hardly need discussion. Who hasn’t been driven dilly by the incessant rattling caused by loose gear?

Who hasn’t arrived at a campsite only to discover that some vital piece of kit fell off some time after the last stop? Not securing your load properly can damage your gear, and even your vehicle. What’s more, if your load shifts during cornering, or while swerving to avoid a hazard, the resultant change in vehicle dynamics could make you lose control of the vehicle entirely, putting you and your passengers at extreme risk. There are lots of different fastening systems, so we’re going to cover the most common and useful ones for us folk in the off-road world...

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