Build Your Own Battery Box

Words & Images Branden Austen Words & Images Branden Austen

This short article explains how to set up a portable plug-and-play unit that you can use in your car, boat or caravan. This is indeed a fun weekend project, with plenty of uses down the line. By assembling the various components yourself, you are able to make some cost savings compared to buying a complete off-the-shelf unit.

A useful aspect of this design is the ease of monitoring the state of battery charge. This is achieved through connecting a Victron Battery Monitor along with a VM Bluetooth Dongle, and using a smartphone app, through which you can keep a record of the voltage, run-time and battery capacity in real time. All the items are purchased from Deltec Energy Solutions.


• 4 x Anderson plugs (2 red & 2 grey)
• 1 x battery box suitable for 100 Amp battery
• 1 x Victron BMV battery monitor
• 12 x bolts and nuts for fixing components
• 1 x combined cigarette & USB port housing
• 3 metres of 6mm black cable
• 3 metres of 6mm red cable
• 10 x lugs
• Red and black heat shrink tubing
• 1 x lead crystal battery


Portable drill, drill bits (various sizes), hole saws

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