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Product announcement: SnoMaster 70-litre double-door fridge / freezer

Cool traveller

SnoMaster recently launched their new 70-litre double-door 12V fridge/freezer with a trip to Hwange National Park. Strapping the new fridge into their Camp Master off-road trailer, the SnoMaster team managed to store seven days’ worth of frozen / cold food in the unit, even including their ice for sundowners!

The electrical rig powering the fridge / freezer consisted of a Ryobi 950 Watt mini–generator set, which powered the Deltec deep cycle battery contained in the new SnoMaster battery pack. While this is a strong power solution, don’t forget to get approval from fellow campers before firing up the genny!.

The team found that the best time to use the genny was during early morning and afternoon sessions, when most campers were out-andabout on game drives. A good charge on the Deltec deep cycle battery gave up to three days of non-stop chilling. Charging time by genny was about five hours. On their next trip, the SnoMaster team plan to use a solar panel solution.

The SnoMaster 70-litre fridge / freezer fitted comfortably in the trailer, and is designed to be strapped down if that is required. After travelling some 200 kilometres on medium to rough gravel roads, the fridge remained firmly fixed in the fridge slider, and the only damage discovered was a broken carton of milk (inside an ammo box), plus a few broken eggs in the team’s bright yellow egg-protection box!

Hwange National Park proved to be the ideal destination for the team’s camping rig. Travelling time from Johannesburg to Hwange is an easy two days’ drive; private wild Hwange campsites can be booked in advance, and the roads between such camps are in good repair. The park’s facilities are well maintained and there’s an abundance of big and small game.

Food, beer, water and cool drinks are available at Main Camp, where the pricing is good and the selection very good, considering how far away you are from urban environs.


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