Hard as a Rock


Words by Brian Jefferies

Rock Solid Industries’ (RSI) new stainless-steel canopy is quite possibly the strongest canopy on the market. The company, which was established in 2007, is based in KZN (Westmead) and well-known for its RSI SmartBox range. These boxes have become synonymous with reliability and quality, providing pick-up owners with a sturdy storage compartment to stow their tools. The SmartBox product is an accessory popular with off-road enthusiasts and professional tradesmen, but the good news is that Rock Solid Industries have recently expanded their product range to include their new Stainless Steel RSI SmartCanopy.

RSI have gone to great lengths to ensure that the SmartCanopy follows the same design concept of the SmartBox product − a concept that strives to achieve structural strength in a lightweight design. They’ve effectively achieved this by producing an all-out stainless-steel canopy that weighs just 80 kg.

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