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Original text and images supplied by Dremel. Edited by SA4x4 magazine.

DIY: How to clean a corroded battery Original text and images supplied by Dremel. Edited by SA4x4 magazine.

A battery can easily become corroded, and this affects its ability to do its job. Cleaning it up takes only five minutes and is a job that you can easily tackle yourself. All you need are the tools listed below, or similar.

Put on your gloves; alkaline battery corrosion can burn your skin, so it’s important to keep your hands covered. Remove the battery from your 4×4. Pour a small amount of white vinegar into the bowl. Dip a cotton swab into the vinegar and rub it along the corroded area. The vinegar will dissolve most of the corrosion. Repeat until the corrosion is gone. Or simply pour boiling water over the top of the battery, and wipe.

To get rid of the rest of the corrosion and really clean up the terminal clamps, use your Dremel 8200 with the stainless-steel brush. Use a maximum of 15 000 r/min.

Now, using the Dremel 8200 and stainless-steel brush, turn your attention to the battery terminals themselves, to improve their contact with the terminal clamps. Corroded terminals can often be the cause of vehicles not starting in cold weather, so it’s wise to check the state of the terminals around the time of your annual service, or at the beginning and end of winter…

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