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Words and pictures by James Gifford.


Patience is a Virtue

Perhaps more than any other genre, landscape photography requires an artistic eye to create the best composition; but having the technical knowledge at your fingertips is equally vital, as is having the patience to wait for the perfect light. Some professional landscape photographers might spend several days at one location, waiting for the optimum combination of soft light and dramatic sky which can elevate a good composition into an award-winning photograph. But, for enthusiasts with less time on their hands, there are several tips worth bearing in mind.

Think about the foreground

Many of the basic compositional guidelines are relevant for landscapes, but possibly the most important is to have some element of foreground interest. This will not only help to give the picture depth, but will also help to draw the viewer into the image. Using naturallyoccurring lines can enhance this further: a couple of well-positioned rocks can be enough to lead the eye to the horizon, while a footpath, or the line from the crest of a dune, will instantly increase the aesthetic appeal of an image.

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