Ironman Hilux


Words and Images Martin Pretorius

In the fictitious universe created by Marvel comics, there lives a fairly normal (although very wealthy) man named Tony Stark. But, being the Marvel universe, Tony Stark has a special weapon: an armoured suit which turns him into Iron Man. Donning this suit allows Tony to fly and to take on legions of bad guys all by himself, and live out all his megalomaniac fantasies. Forget about the weak human being hiding inside: Mister Stark becomes a bona-fide superhero inside his super suit. In much the same way, you can turn your off-roader into a superhero, too – and just like in the Marvel comics, it happens thanks to a high-tech suit. But, unlike with Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, such a transformation for your 4×4 need not be confined to your imagination.

You can simply drive into any Ironman retailer and get all the necessary goodies to lift your leisure vehicle into a real-life action hero. So this is exactly what SA4x4 did, armed with a standard Hilux Legend 45, kindly lent to us by – you guessed it – Halfway Toyota.

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