New Model: Lexus NX 200T EX


Premium Urban Warrior

The new Lexus NX is a radically-styled softroader aimed directly at competitors such as the Audi Q5, BMW X3, Merc GLA and the pricier Range Rover Evoque. Concept car styling, upmarket interior and fine driving dynamics make a good first impression, but what’s it like to live with? Subjective as styling is, some shapes are more successful than others, but attention to detail on this Lexus has worked brilliantly. Angular lines and ‘L- shaped’ LED running lights that also act as indicators are striking, as are the tail lights and aggressive stance.

The shark-like design is meant to attract younger buyers to a brand that is typically represented by octogenarians, and it seems to have worked – I know I’m sold. An interior apparently inspired by the LFA supercar reeks of quality. Injection moulded leather seats are the best in the business, while the dash and infotainment screen are fluidly integrated. Interestingly, Lexus has ditched its old mouse-like screen controller in favour of a track pad. The leather hand rest makes it easy to use when stationary, but, when you are driving, your finger moves about over bumps, causing you to select and click on unwanted icons.

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