Model Update: Merceds-Benz GLE Coupé


If you’re going to arrive late for a party, make sure you look your best when you get there, and take along some nice gifts, Mercedes- Benz clearly used this approach with their first large SUV-coupé-crossover.

BMW’s X6 (already into its second generation) has seen surprising success worldwide, so it stands to reason that something similar would appear with a three-pointed star. While it took them a while to actually build it, the result is very appealing indeed.

Conceptually, the GLE Coupé follows the same recipe as the Bavarian. There’s a swooping roof and rising waistline which houses the mechanical bits from a conventional GLE (the soon-to-be released SUV formerly known as the ML-Class), just as the X6 is really just an X5 in a sporty suit. But because the GLE Coupé is released before its more conventional sibling, it also introduces a number of innovations.

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