New Models: Sporty Sisters


If supercars are too mainstream for you, then maybe defying the laws of physics with a giant BMW is more your cup of tea. The new X5 and X6M are identical twins underneath, with one of the two sisters donning a slightly shorter skirt, some make-up… and is that a G-string? One thing’s for sure, these sisters are like Serena and Venus Williams of tennis fame – don’t mess with them.

Since its launch in 1999, BMW’s X5 has always been the popular choice for those seeking sports-car performance (almost) in a vehicle that combines 4WD ability with status and practicality for the family. The X6 came along in 2008, and, although technically identical to the X5, it divided opinion amongst its peers. Despite love-it-or-hate-it looks, limited practicality and the kind of blunt personality parents frown upon, the X6 sold in droves – nearly matching its more conventional sister.

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