Overland Travel: Namibia Meander


Words & Pictures by Barry Martin

To the uninitiated, planning a trip through Namibia appears easy; dream on, fellow travellers! Destinations and various attractions rattled around in my head, and, with the cost of diesel sky-high, I wanted every kilometre to count.

We decided that we would drive through the Kgalagadi, spending our first night at the Twee Rivieren campsite and the second at Mata-Mata and entering Namibia at the ata-Mata border post. It was decided that from there onward, we would meander somewhat aimlessly (yet with military precision) through Namibia as far as the Waterberg Plateau, and then return home via Windhoek, crossing the border at Noordoewer.

On arrival at Twee Rivieren, we did the requisite border-control paperwork before setting up camp. We had just made camp and were enjoying a cold one when a Land Rover pulled up next to us, disgorging mom, dad and kids. Mom promptly gathered up the rugrats and disappeared while dad meticulously pegged out his encampment. Mom clearly knew what was about to happen and she wanted none of it.

While Gail and I stared spellbound, tent-city erupted before our eyes: first the Oz-Tent, then the ‘voorkamer’, a gazebo and a kiddie’s tent, followed by every Natural Instincts gizmo in the catalogue and then some. As he added the finishing touches with a flourish, the family reappeared. Gail quipped, ‘Guess he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.’
From Twee Rivieren, we meandered slowly through the park, admiring the game. To our amazement, the campsite at Mata-Mata was packed to the rafters. Likeminded people were crammed into every corner, but somehow we found a spot.

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