Product Review: Howling Moon Roof-top Tourer


Words and image by Brian Jeffries

Shady Character

Dave Fraser, director of Howling Moon, recently invited me to test the new ‘Half Moon’ awning just produced by their product development team. I tested it on my Howling Moon Tourer rooftop tent, which is used when I visit caravan parks; but note that the awning is also designed to fit the Stargazer rooftop tent.

During our conversation, Dave told me that the awning was part of a move to address the need of their rooftop-tent customers for more living space − the Half Moon awning creates a large living area directly under the rooftop tent area. You simply zip the awning to the base of the tent where the annex zipped on, and adjust the tension with the aluminium poles and guy ropes.

The awning has a zip added so that you can zip the standard annex onto the awning, and they can be used simultaneously. I tested the unit when I stayed in the caravan park at ATKV Drakensville. There was a terrific gale blowing off the mountain, strong enough to rock the vehicle, but the awning stood up all night with no problem.

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