Product Review: Lumeno Freedom Solar Lighting


Words & Pictures byJess Fogarty & Neil Harrison

Lumeno Freedom Solar Lighting

One of the challenges of camping − or perhaps one of its greatest attractions − is that the pastime is often at odds with our modern technology. You can’t easily plug in an appliance in the bush. Electricity scarcity is an issue that we have to work around. Sure, with dual-battery systems and massive solar panels, it’s quite possible to be juiced up 24/7; but that requires a hefty outlay of cash, not to mention the issue of extra gear and extra weight.

What’s doubly frustrating is that you often don’t require a huge amount of power – just enough to power some lights or charge a phone. So, we’re seemingly stuck in the middle, midway between power feast and power famine. Or perhaps not… The Lumeno Freedom Solar Lighting Kit reviewed here seems to tick a lot of our power boxes and solve the conundrum of providing for light current without breaking the bank. If you’re sick and tired of using harmful kerosene lamps, squinting in poor light from candles, or using a noisy generator, this might be the answer: a solar lighting solution that can also charge your mobile phone, tablet and cameras.

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