Rad Rig: Reenen Kritzingers 2005 Nissan Hardbody


Words & Pictures by Andrew Middleton

Frankenstein’s Ghost

This month we go back to basics, with by far the rawest and most hardcore Rad Rig we’ve ever featured. Yes, it’s got rust, and no, it doesn’t have power steering. Reenen Kritzinger wanted a beast that could embarrass expensive 4×4’s, despite his intention to build it entirely out of salvaged parts. Meet ‘Monster’ – a Frankenstein brute that only his creator could truly explain. Back in 2005, when a 4×2 Hardbody rolled out of the Nissan factory, the poor thing little knew what was in store. After years of hard work and sustained abuse, the basic bakkie was just about ready for retirement… but Reenen had other ideas. He wanted a capable truck that he could also use on the farm, where he grows plums and other fruit.

In 2012, he dismantled the bakkie to its chassis. Then, after swapping a running V8 Discovery 1 (bought for only R6000) for a pair of SFA Hilux axles, Reenen got to work. As with the axles and diffs, a Hilux gearbox and transfer case were also scavenged from the internet and various scrap yards in the Cape. Obviously, Reenen also wanted more power from the Hardbody; its original petrol mill was far too lethargic for the offroad work it would be tasked with. As you’ve probably realised, Reenen is a rather capable handyman; so, when he found a scrapped Nissan TD27 motor from a Terrano – the engine of choice for his Monster – he wasn’t too fazed that it was seized solid.

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