Trail Review: Wolwekloof 4×4 Trail


Words and image by Grant Spolander

Lekker Local

I’m not a fan of man-made obstacle courses. I find trails like these to be a bit on the boring side, and, quite frankly, rather ugly. Which is why I was, at first, somewhat disappointed when we arrived at the Wolwekloof 4×4 Trail to see seven bulldozed mounds hideously blistering from the earth like giant pimples.

Down at the lakeside lapa, we met Wolwekloof’s four co-founders and managers – friendly blokes who are noticeably passionate about their trail and all things 4×4. But, despite friendly introductions and enthusiastic handshakes, I felt regretful about our choice of trail, and worried that Wolwekloof would turn out to be nothing more than a heap of soil dumps.

After a tour of the trail’s tree-lined campsite, we learnt that the facility – known as Trompie Off-road Training and Adventures – serves as both a 4×4 training academy as well as an adventure 4×4 trail called Wolwekloof. I felt moderately relieved at the news; it certainly explained the obstacle course, but I was still a little sceptical.

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