Vehicle Review: Megaworld Jeep


Words and images by Andrew Middleton

If money were no object and the world your oyster, what would you do to your 4×4? Some minds may conjure images of a six-wheel-drive monster with machine guns on the roof and a spiky bullbar – taxis beware! However, appealing as that thought may be, you are more likely to splash those hard-earned beans on a more considered proposition. Like this Jeep Wrangler Sahara, for instance. It’s owned by the fellows at 4×4 MegaWorld, and (of course) they could have gone wild with it, opting for a Mopar-fettled Hemi V8 and 44 inch tyres, for starters. Instead, they built the Wrangler the right way, and offered us a chance to unleash it on the rocky and eroded Tierkloof 4×4 trail, to see what’s what.

The last time I was at Tierkloof, I was also driving a Jeep. You may remember the front cover of our February issue – which featured a funny-looking new Cherokee, balancing precariously, with only blue sky under its front-left wheel. Shame, that little Cherokee did try its best; but, to be fair, Tierkloof doesn’t suit many standard 4x4s – let alone one based on an Alfa. The Wrangler is much better suited to rocks and twisters, and the modifications chosen for this Jeep have been designed to improve outright off-road prowess as well as practicality.

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