Workshop: Electrical Diagnostics


Your off-roader has never let you down before: nothing can halt its progress, no matter how severe the obstacle. It’s your trusted companion, the one you rely on to get you where you want to go, whatever the conditions. Until that fateful morning when it refuses to start, that is. You whip out the jump-start cables (or connect your battery charger) and get it running soon enough, but when the same thing happens a few days later, you recognise the first signs that somewhere in the system, something has gone wrong.

This is usually the point where most owners would grudgingly hand the problem over to outside forces. Their first stop is usually the nearest battery retailer, where a man in an overall connects a strange box to your battery, twirls some dials, nods sagely, and then probably informs you that it’s due for replacement. In many cases, shelling out for a new battery solves the problem; batteries do wear out, especially so in vehicles which spend most of their time languishing under a carport.

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