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4×4 accessories that you simply cannot go off-road without


Taking your 4×4 or overland vehicle into various terrains to catch sunrises and sunsets is an experience like no other, but how could you make the adventure more enjoyable and less stressful?

Going off-roading with your 4×4 can be one exciting adventure, or it can be a total nightmare. There are various modifications that can be done to your vehicle to increase its off-road performance, but what about the equipment that is essential to keep inside your 4×4?

Have a little aid can make an off-road trip experience is always worth the effort. In this article, we explore which accessories are completely essential to a safe and exhilarating off-road trip.

It is necessary to think of equipment to store food and water, to be prepared for injuries as well as car damage, and more. Here are some 4×4 or overlander accessories you shouldn’t forget:

Navigation system:

Getting a navigation system into your 4×4 vehicle can be very useful especially in low network areas. They are loaded with maps which can work offline too. These systems also feature distance and terrain mapping. It prepares your for good and bad areas and can help you to reach your destination safely.

Tool kit:

A tool kit can be handy in the event of a breakdown, or something might get knocked off while driving or off-road. Many times, the damage to the vehicle cannot be fixed properly while you’re out in the wilderness, but it is a good idea to keep things such as wire, tape, and metal putty in the tool kit, along with regular tools and a few spares.

Car tent:

Car tents or roof tents are attached to big gypsies and SUVs. These tents unfold from the inside of the vehicle and provides a stable accommodation for overnight trips under the stars. They are easy to fold and unfold, easy to set up and they provide protection from most weather conditions.

Recovery kit:

Recovery kits come in handy for muddy situations. Whether you are stuck in a ditch or in a really tough terrain, a recovery kit can enable another car to safely attach itself to your vehicle and get it out. A decent kit contains snatch straps, a folding shovel, D shackles and gloves, an electric or hand-operated winch. Make sure to use tree-protectors and other safety accessories when you are recovering vehicles – such as gloves, dampers, decent shackles, and always use the correct recovery points to tow from. Click here to check out our SA 4×4 recovery series.

First aid kit:

A first aid kit is always necessary to take along on any trip. Be sure to keep any medication, such as pain, sinus, antiseptic creams, and in the case of an injury or allergic reaction, your kit should be easily accessible.

Battery backup power station:

Many battery backup systems are readily available in the market and can give you power for a few days on your outdoor trip.

Vehicle jack:

A standard scissor jack is not ideal for an off-road situation, so rather carry a bottle jack, high-lift jack with a base plate or airbag jack. These jacks are able to lift the vehicle and the wheels. Be sure to check your spare tyre pressure and condition before hitting the road.

An automatic tyre deflator and inflator:

By reducing the air pressure in your tyres, it helps gain more traction which can in return get you out of many tough situations. Even reducing the tyre pressure by a few points can help them get through mud, soft sand and deep snow. However, when you get back on the tarmac, you cannot drive with deflated tyres as it is dangerous.  It’s a great idea to get yourself a tyre pump that can run off your vehicle’s battery and that is quick and easy to re-inflate your tyres.

UHF radio: 

By using a UHF radio, it can keep you and others on the exact same trail or off-road safe so you can keep up to date with any safety or environmental and weather warnings, or emergency services.

Recovery tracks:

The best and safest way to recover a vehicle is to see if you can drive it out . Winching or a snatch recovery requires a lot of energy and could fail too. Recovery tracks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’ll have no trouble finding one to suit your vehicle. afw

Fire Extinguisher:

When you think about it, all 4×4’s that go off-road carry around a bunch of really flammable stuff. The last thing you need when you’re far from civilisation is that stuff catching fire. When off-road, you will need to take care of any fires yourself, and you’ll need an extinguisher or two.

Picture: Caravan SA