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Air suspension put to the test!


The Air Spring Supply Company is a market leader in the supply of high-quality air springs and accessories. They ensure that their clients have the ability to move their performance to the next level. Their aim is to continuously improve on product and service and respect all people and organisations they deal with. They are a proudly South African family business which was established in 1983 representing world renowned companies such as Firestone, OESP, Viair and Airlift for the core product they offer Firestone Air Springs and Air accessories.

From modest beginnings in the 1930’s to the first patented air spring, Firestone has designed and built more air springs for more applications than any other company in the world, establishing their status as the world’s number 1 air spring manufacture.

With any Steel Suspension or Steel Suspension upgrade there is a compromise between Load Carrying Capacity and a Comfortable drive, especially in un-loaded conditions. Loaded or un-loaded, Firestone Air Helper Springs allows you maximum adjustability to give you the ride and handling you want when you want it. When your vehicle is unladen, the air springs are set to minimal air pressure. But when loaded for a trip, towing a caravan or camper trailer, the pressure is increased in the air springs allowing the vehicle to carry heavier loads while maintaining the correct ride height. The biggest benefit of fitting air springs instead of different steel springs is that they allow for variable loads. You don’t have to choose between having a vehicle that sits high and rides poorly when unladen or one that sags and bottoms-out when laden. You can have the best of both worlds. An additional benefit to Firestone’s high-quality air helper springs is their ability to level off-centre loads by using individual inflation valves for separate side-to-side adjustment, allowing drivers to modify the springs according to the specific amount of cargo they’re carrying.

These are many advantages of Firestone Air Helper Springs:

  • Keep the vehicle level – improve steering control and braking effectiveness, level headlight beams and reduce tyre wear.
  • Reduce suspension fatigue – keep leaf springs from permanent sagging under repeated or constant load.
  • Air adjustment improves the ride – allowing the air springs to be matched to the load.
  • Reduce bottoming out – protective air cushion softens contact between the axle and chassis.

Firestone Air Springs are highly recommended for owners towing medium and heavy caravans and trailers. They stabilize the vehicle, putting more weight over the front axle improving steering and braking under all road conditions. By adjusting air pressure to level the towing vehicle, Firestone air springs give an improved ride and make the vehicle far safer particularly on wet roads and at higher towing speeds.

Ride Rite and Coil Rite air springs encompass more than 80 years of industry experience and expertise to solve suspension issues in the consumer market for any driver who tows or adds weight to their vehicle. These highly engineered bellows contain a column of compressed air that works to maintain suspension integrity.  These innovations result from rigorous product tests on the advanced composition and the diverse conditions this technology can encounter in real world applications.

Firestone Air Springs have a reputation for outlasting other original equipment like shocks, bushes and reducing suspension fatigue and tire wear. Their proven reliability is one of many reasons they work with the top vehicle manufacturers globally.

Firestone’s innovation has earned them recognition as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of air springs for all types of vehicles. Traditionally these innovative solutions have been employed for heavy duty use in buses, trucks, trailers, rail cars, and more.

The Air Spring Supply Company has made a commitment to provide their customers with premium Firestone air helper spring kits.


If you would like to get in touch with the Air Springs Supply team for a conversation on recommended air springs for your particular vehicle, please use the enquiry form below. A qualified technical representative will respond to you shortly. Vehicle rolls and accidents occur frequently in our industry, and thus we highly recommend that you know your limits before venturing off-road. Product pricing and availability is available on request. Most importantly, travel and tow safely!

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