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Bergwoning Adventures



Some 16km from Clarens, situated in a tranquil valley, between the beautiful Maluti Mountains, you will find the tranquil and picturesque environment of Bergwoning Guest and Adventure Farm. The farm is ideal for that relaxing getaway. With only three beautiful appointed cottages and a camp site for 25 people, the farm is never crowded and you are assured of a quiet and peaceful stay. This beautiful, appointed, secluded, mountainside campsite will take your breath away. Nestled between the mountains and next to the dam your camp days will never be the same.

Come and enjoy the serene dam and mountain walks, birding and fishing or just sit and allow your thoughts to wonder off. There are ablution facilities as well as a camp kitchen. Power points are available. A wealth of recreational activities matches the scenic splendour around you. For those with a yearning for the high adventures of life, Bergwoning offers abseiling, bugxter rides, quadbiking, mountain bikes, mountain bike trail, 4×4 Route, paint ball and horse riding.
And for those who would like to spend their time more peacefully – you can hike or bird watch.

This grade 3 trail requires a 4×4 vehicle and the 6km route will take approximately 2 hours to complete. The route is generally available year round, but the conditions during the changing seasons ensure the route presents different challenges in each season. Novice drivers will find as much pleasure from the trail as experienced drivers as there are challenges and tricky rocky sections that will ensure you’re concentrating through these sections.

During the summer months low range vehicles are necessary thanks to the full rivers and mossy boulders. You will follow the path of the river on this trail until you reach a rather flat spot at the top of a hill from here you’ll loop back on the same path, but don’t think you’ll get off lightly the return route will present its own exciting challenges.