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Block Buster!


Words & photographs by Bryan Milne.

We overlanders are a funny bunch: we’re always looking to escape civilisation, heading deeper and deeper into the bush, but at the same time we are hoping to make the wild as comfortable as possible. This dichotomy creates the need for many helpful gadgets and accessories, from 12 V fridge / freezers, to comfy rooftop tents. But, as is the case with both these appliances, a rooftop tent and portable fridge are most effective when used on level ground; and that’s where the subject of this review comes into play.

Compact in size and boasting a sizeable weight limit of 4-tons per block, the Camp Quip Levelling Block & Chock Kit is a very handy edition to any overlander’s packing list. The primary benefit of this kit is the fact that it extends the list of campsites where you can park your vehicle, as you’re no longer limited to totally level ground – or the amount of firewood you can pack under a wheel!

The blocks can be used to lift any wheel; however, where you choose to place them will depend on the terrain, and, to a large extent, your vehicle’s suspension system. Take the following, for example: if I were looking to lift my Prado’s front or rear end, I’d place the blocks evenly under the relevant set of wheels. However, if I were looking to lift the left- or right-hand side of the vehicle, then I’d place the blocks under the relevant side while considering the Prado’s suspension – placing a block under a tyre with independentfront suspension will have more effect than a block placed under a solid rear axle with its greater suspension-travel ability.