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Boosted Off-Road Accessories – value and quality combined


About Boosted Off-road Accessories
As one of the leaders in the supply of off-road accessories, Boosted Off-road Accessories has something to suit your vehicle. They are a family owned business situated in Pretoria and strive to give their clients the best service and advice possible. From bumpers, suspensions to lights and audio, they do a variety of upgrades for off-road vehicles. They firmly believe in trusted brands thus they have chosen to partner with specific brands and promote and use them solely.


They stock a wide range of quality brands such as FOX, Wildog Bumpers, Stedi Lights, Airmax Air Helpers, Kicker Audio and more. They are also in the process of bringing out their own range of in-house products, so keep an eye out for their product launches. Boosted Off-road Accessories firmly believes that if they focus their energy on specific products, believe in them and build a relationship with the manufacturers, others will too.

The importance of a good suspension
One of the most overlooked upgrades on a vehicle is the suspension. So why upgrade your suspension? There are a few major factors why you should upgrade your suspension from the factory fitted OEM parts. If you are a weekend off-roader who simply loads a fridge and few extras, a heavy overlander who tackles Africa every year or the normal guy who wants a better drive, then look no further than the quality FOX products below.

Why choose FOX?
Standard shocks are made from steel, which is a very good insulator. Simply steel shocks retain heat and cold, causing added friction and wear and tear. Shock absorbers should not insulate heat but rather they should disperse and dissipate the heat. A shock absorber that heats up loses performance and reduces ride comfort. Fox uses 6061 aluminium which cools down much faster than steel shocks and is extremely resistant to corrosion. FOX shocks are more consistent than most other shocks.

Most shocks use gas and oil, but there is a downfall, they do not have a physical barrier. That means that when the shock is working the gas and oil will mix, which reduces viscosity in the oil. FOX has a physical barrier keeping the oil and gasses from mixing thus allowing for improved viscosity.

External reservoirs are also a great add-on to your kit. The reservoir holds more oil, thus your shock can work better, because oil is cooled externally from the shock housing and it takes longer to heat up and will perform better for longer. FOX uses the data derived from their racing background to develop their shocks for the public market, making them one of the top brands around the world. All FOX shocks are fully serviceable in South Africa. They service the shocks locally and some models have trade units, thus you do not need to worry about shock issues again.

FOX shocks for your vehicle
The Boosted Off-road Accessories team has put FOX in various vehicles, but most commonly they are fitted to bakkies, utility vehicles, 4x4s and double cabs. They are perfectly suited to a variety of vehicles including the Toyota Land Cruisers. In some vehicles ride comfort is lacking but with the inclusion of the FOX shocks, this all changes with improved ride comfort and off-road performance. The overall WOW factor is astonishing when FOX shocks are fitted.

On the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger ranges this is a very good upgrade if you only want a replacement for your OEM as an upgrade for ride comfort and drivability or a major suspension upgrade.  They also stock a kit for the VW Amarok as well. FOX shocks fit most of the off-road vehicles.

FOX options
There are various option to choose from. The most common for the Toyota Land Cruisers are the FOX Factory Race Series 2.5 External Reservoirs. You can choose these with or without DSC (Dual Speed Compression – Adjustment on the shock). On the Hilux and Ranger the most common would be the FOX Performance Series 2.0 with the Eibach coils. The snap ring which utilises your OEM coil spring and cap, and you just add FOX shocks. Only the snap-ring kit is available for the Hilux. The kit can be adjusted from 0-2 inches. This allows for either an OEM look but with better ride or lift. You can also get the above mentioned FOX Factory Race Series 2.5 External Reservoirs for both the Hilux and Ranger.

So, if you’re considering upgrading your suspension, don’t forget to look at FOX for an improved ride. If the shocks do not drive as promised, they will refund you and install the OEM shocks. They also offer finance on their products.

If you would like to chat to one of their experienced consultants for a recommendation of FOX shocks best suited to your 4×4, simply compete the enquiry form below and a member of their team can easily assist with pricing, fitment and quotations.

Alternately, if you would like to receive their full catalogue of overlanding products suited to your 4×4, you can request it below on the enquiry form. Remember to include the make and model of your 4×4.

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