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Brutus 4X4 Tyres gives 10 tyre care tips to keep you rolling off-road & on


Your vehicle’s tyres are designed to offer maximum grip during your adventures, but they need specific care and frequent checks to ensure they are fit for the tar and for off-road conditions if you own a 4×4.

With the correct amount of inflation and tread depth, your tyres work in conjunction with the vehicle’s safety systems such as the ABS to ensure optimal stopping in the shortest distance. Simply, correctly inflated tyres with good tread offer the best safety for the occupants. The Brutus T⁄A tyre offers exceptional performance across various on and off-road conditions. Its lifespan and performance are delivered in the most challenging on and off-road operating conditions. This tyre is prepared for extreme and challenging surface conditions, especially those on asphalt, cobbled roads, dirt and mud. They provide increased protection against damage to the sidewalls of the tyres.

  • Brutus T/A tyres have stronger sidewalls for better off-road performance.
  • The Brutus T/A offers twice the lifespan on gravel roads compared to similar products.
  • Brutus T/A tyres have better off-road performance with 10% more traction in mud.


Conversely, 4×4 vehicles require tyre deflation when negotiating sand, softer surfaces and even rocky surfaces. Deflating off-road tyres increases the tyre’s profile/surface area and consequently gives it better traction. It also allows the tyre more give (flexibility) over rocky surfaces and minimizes sharp rocks cutting into the tyres.

Even with correctly deflated tyres during off-road meanders, punctures from sharp rocks can occur. Always proceed with caution.

Over-inflated tyres will wear tread from the centre of the tyre and underinflated tyres will wear more on the inner and outer edges. Correctly inflated tyres, with proper wheel alignment and balancing, will wear evenly. Underinflated tyres also create a larger surface area when driving on tar and this increases fuel consumption.

 10 easy tyre care tips form Brutus 4×4 Tyres:

  1. Check your vehicle’s the tread depth and tyre wear at least once a month.
  2. Check the entire tyre including inner edges and side walls.
  3. If uneven wear is noticed on your tyres, or there is a shudder in the steering, your vehicle might require balancing and alignment.
  4. Tyres have built-in tread wear indicators to ensure you don’t go beyond the required minimum tread depth.
  5. Tyre wear can take the form of cuts, tears, swellings, uneven tread wear and high spots, so check for any of these during your inspections.
  6. Use the manufacturer suggested tyre pressures for normal driving and reduced tyre pressure, down to 0.8 bar when driving in soft or rocky conditions.
  7. Tyre pressure recommendations can change when carrying a full payload or a lot of passengers.
  8. Check the spare tyre as you would the rest of the tyres as you don’t want to get a puncture or tyre damage and be stuck with a spare that is unusable.
  9. Always carry a tyre repair kit. They are inexpensive and with a bit of practice, you can plug a puncture in a matter of minutes.
  10. Do not drive long distances on deflated tyres after off-road excursions as it can lead to overheating of tyres. Inflate tyres to standard pressures as soon as you leave the 4×4 environment.


Footnote: We at SA4X4 carry a puncture repair kit on all our adventures and on many occasions, when a nail or piece of wire is embedded in the tyre, it is easy enough to remove and plug the puncture without losing too much air or requiring a compressor. That being said, particularly for off-road adventurers when visiting remote areas, it is imperative to have the backup of an air compressor and to carry a tyre pressure gauge.

Punctures and tyre damage come in many forms, so having a puncture repair kit & air compressor is important, especially when off-roading.

Caring for your vehicle’s tyres is critically important to ensure the safety of you and the occupants of your vehicle. Keeping an eye on the condition of your tyres is easy, and with regular checks, you can drive with certainty and purpose.

Remember, you always put your best foot forward, why not put your best tyre forward?

For more information on the Brutus range of tyres, simply fill in the enquiry form below and they will respond to you with pricing, outlets and availability for tyres that suit your vehicle.

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