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BunduAwn – the only shady thing you’ll need in life.


The only dark and shady thing you need in life is the BunduAwn. This awning can be fitted to almost any vehicle and offers shade around three side of your vehicle.

The BunduAwn is made of full aluminium construction and a durable Riptech canvas with a reflective surface, which reflects heat and makes a difference in temperature of up to 5 degrees. The canvas is also coated with various resins to ensure its longevity and UV resistance. The BunduAwn weighs approximately 20 kilograms and is manually operated.

The BunduAwn is not your typical fair-weather friend… heat, rain, wind, or snow is no match for the BunduAwn and when you combine it with side panels, it will protect you against all of mother nature’s spirited moods.

The BunduAwn comes in three standard sizes, with no price difference between them. The sizes are 2.45m, 2.75m and 2.95m. Longer sizes can be manufactured but cost you a bit more. The awning has no support poles, which makes moving around under it extremely convenient. The only time the awning needs to be tied down is in high wind conditions. The awning is manufactured with ropes to secure it in these conditions. Should you wish to enclose the space under your awning with side panels, it is suggested that you use poles to support the weight of the side panels.

BunduTec manufactures plain side panels, mesh side panels, side panels with a door or window as well as side panels with both a door and window. The window can be closed with canvas from the inside and the door is simply an upside-down L shape that can zip open and closed. The side panels offer protection against harsh weather and offers some privacy, but it does not turn your awning into a tent. The side panels do not make the space under your awning completely waterproof in the way a tent would. A BunduAwn, paired with the BunduTop makes the perfect overlanding duo.

Aeroplane vs Awning!
BunduTec recently put their BunduAwn to the test in 50km per hour wind and the awning fared excellently. Check out the video below, you’ll be blown away, excuse the pun! Follow BunduTec on social media to see the final video and images of this test.

Join Bundu Adventures
BunduTec has partnered with the legendary overlanding expert Johan Kriek and have two amazing trips coming up. There are two Dorsland trips running back to back. First is the Dorsland, Namaqua 4×4 trail taking place form 01-07 June, and the second is the Dorsland Richtersveld World Heritage Site from 08-15 June. For more information on the Bundu Adventures email

BunduTec is going to be on television: The Defender Trophy adventure will be featured on Ignition on DSTV in June, so keep a look out.

For more information on the BunduTec range of awnings and rooftop tents, simply fill in the enquiry form below and a qualified member from the BunduTec team will get hold of you to answer all your questions regarding fitment and pricing.


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