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BunduClam now patented and developed with Pro-Pitch technology


BunduTec has built its reputation on the ease of use and reliability of their flagship product, the BunduTop, a full spec rooftop tent (RTT) that offers the first of its kind electronic operation – so why go the route of adding yet another Clamshell style RTT to the already saturated market?



Easy customer feedback & unrivalled after-sales service
BunduTec has expanded on their well designed and manufactured products with unrivalled after-sales service, and their customer base recommended a manual option to expand their product scope. While the BunduTop cannot be beaten for ease of use, and 360 degree views, there are still a lot of customers who prefer the non-electronic self-pop up clamshell tents. Another concern that some customers have is the weight limit on the BunduTop which allows for the installation of a Solar Panel but not for any additional weight.



Since BunduTec also guarantees their trademarked Pro Pitch Technology™ will be easier to pitch than other competitors on the market, so the BunduClam was born. Simply unclip the latches, and the tent pitches itself. Not only do the gas struts erect the tent, they also pitch 2 awning arms over the entrance, so you no longer need to pitch your tent awnings manually.

The tent is manufactured with full aluminium construction and durable Riptech canvas. The BunduClam dimensions when closed are 2200mm x 1400mm x 300mm and it weighs 85 kgs. The tent boasts entry from three sides, giving you wide access and extensive panoramic views. Each window/door is manufactured with the canvas on the inside and the mesh on the outside which allows you to leave the windows open for ventilation, even in poor weather conditions. It also comes standard with a ladder, mattress, two fans and an LED light inside. The roof of the BunduClam is strong enough to carry additional weight, so you are welcome to install the BunduTec mini load bars on top that allows you to carry a kayak, extra firewood and other loads.



You can also install a solar panel on top of the BunduClam. Solar wiring is included and it simplifies the installation of a solar panel by allowing the wiring to go unseen throughout the tent. This is another benefit similar to the BunduTop, which just adds more value to the BunduClam when it comes to its competitors. The frame built into the bottom of the tent provides additional strength and makes it versatile to mount. It can be bolted directly to load bars or a roof rack. The mattress is made from high density foam, exactly the same as that offered by the BunduTop. A double bed fitted sheet is the perfect fit for the mattress. There is also enough space inside the tent allowing you to leave the bedding inside the unit.

To lower the BunduClam you simply release the over cam on the arms and pull a webbing rope down. Again the Pro Pitch Technology™ will kick in and fold in the awnings without your aid. An elastic band around the entirety of the canvas can be slipped into place to ensure that the entire canvas folds in neatly, alleviating the need to tuck in any canvas, and to stop it getting pinched between the hard out BunduClam shell.


BunduTec will also be launching a BunduClam Annex in 2022 which means you can cover your entry point with a small room that doubles as a privacy room. If you prefer a manual option feel, free to take a look at the BunduClam – it is priced competitively without compromising on small additional extras that add tons of value when it comes to functionality.

To enquire about the new clamshell rooftop tent from BunduTec, simply fill in the enquiry form below and a member of the BunduTec team will get hold of you regarding pricing, fitment and availability.


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