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BunduClam rooftop tent joins BunduTec


The BunduClam is Bundutec’s new addition to the rooftop tent fold and it encompasses all the great design features and ease of operation that they have become famous for. Simply undo two latches and gently lift the roof. The gas-assisted roof will extend by itself, pushing the awning out as well. All you need to do is to lock the arms in place. It is a quick and easy operation without the hard work. To close the BunduClam, follow the easy steps in reverse.

  • Incredibly easy operation & setup
  • Robust & streamlined
  • Two interior fans & LED lighting
  • Wiring for solar included
  • Quality construction

The BunduClam’s standard size is 2200mm x 1400mm x 300mm when closed and weighs in at 85kg. The tent boasts entry from three sides, giving you wide access and great views. The windows are covered by an integrated awning, and each window/door is manufactured with the canvas on the inside and the mesh on the outside. This allows you to leave the windows open for ventilation, even in poor weather conditions. The BunduClam comes standard with a ladder, mattress, two fans and an LED light inside. The roof of the BunduClam is strong enough to carry additional weight on top such as a solar panel. Solar wiring is included and this simplifies the installation of a solar panel by allowing the wiring to go unseen through the tent.

The foam-backed roof-lining absorbs moisture and condensation, but if you are going to extremely cold areas, it is recommended to put a carpet under the mattress as insulation, as very cold temperatures creates additional condensation. The frame is built into the bottom of the tent and provides additional strength, making it versatile to mount. The BunduClam can be bolted directly to your load bars or roof rack. The mattress inside is 2000mm x 1250mm x 100mm and is made from a high-density foam. A double bed fitted sheet fits the mattress perfectly and there is enough additional space inside the tent so that you can leave your bedding inside.

To enquire about the new clamshell rooftop tent from BunduTec, simply fill in the enquiry form below and a member of the BunduTec team will get hold of you regarding pricing, fitment and availability.

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