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BunduTec rooftop tent July special!


The BunduTop is designed to take away the hard work associated with camping and overland travel, and to give you the maximum time with minimal effort to enjoy your holiday. With the press of a button the tent does all the work for you. The roof of the BunduTop is manufactured out of aluminium sheet to ensure maximum heat reflection and for this reason, you will sleep much more comfortably in the cool interior, even in direct sunlight.

The tent chassis is made of a full aluminium construction and a durable Riptech canvas. The tent seals completely when closed and gives a full dust and waterproof seal allowing users to be protected from the elements at all times. 300gsm canvas is used that is UV resistant to prevent fading. The wrap-around awning is set at a 45° angle so that you can have excellent ventilation in poor weather conditions with maximum water deflection.

The mesh is coated in a rubber compound making it extremely flexible and durable. The tent boasts entry from any side, giving you 360º access and wonderful panoramic views to view the scenic environment surrounding you. Each window/door is manufactured with canvas on the inside and the mesh on the outside. This allows you to leave the windows open for ventilation, even in poor weather conditions.

The BunduTop comes standard with an aluminium sliding ladder and 2 pockets inside for storage of keys, cellphones and other camping accessories. The BunduTop also has a cigarette lighter plug and an LED light inside for added convenience. It’s clear that BunduTec has done their homework with their BunduTop range of rooftop tents. Don’t you think it’s time for your to add the BunduTop to your outdoor accessories?

Don’t miss out on the “July only add a room special deal” which comes free with every BunduTop purchase!

If you are interested in BunduTop rooftop tent, or any of the other quality BunduTec products, complete the enquiry form below and a member of the BunduTec team will get hold of you to discuss delivery, costings, availability and any other technical questions you might have.


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