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BunduTec gets an en suite


BunduTec has a range of well thought out and practical additions and accessories that can accompany their BunduTop rooftop tent. These quality accessories are designed to maximise the enjoyment of the easy to use BunduTec rooftop tent.

BunduTec Added Room

Added Room

Our Added Room follows the same product guidelines and is very ease of use and set up. It offers a private entry to your tent and keeps the rain off you when entering and exiting the BunduTop. The side panel used to enclose it is a basic design that offers privacy and ventilation. Simply open the bag, unroll it, and let the tent pick it up. You only have to insert the rods to keep the roof section up. It is designed with utility in mind and offers great protection from the elements when most needed.

BunduTec Suite 


The BunduSuite is the latest product on offer from BunduTec and takes the form of an extra large shower cubicle/dressing room for all your privacy needs. It pitches easily with our signature Pro-Pitch technology. Simply unzip the bag, roll down the canvas and by pulling the canvas tabs towards you, the BunduSuite is pitched. It’s that easy. It has an additional frame in the bottom for extra rigidity so that the canvas doesn’t blow against you in windy weather. It offers a 2.1m x 1.3m area give lots of additional space, making it one of the largest on the market. It weighs in at 7kg and is manufactured from Alias canvas, a high-performance material which is UV treated – so no fading! The BunduSuite can mount to any roof rack, but it is specifically designed to mount to the BunduTop and integrate with the BunduTec Added Room roof and its ease of use is a testament to the BunduTec brand’s innovation. Also on offer is a smaller version, the BunduCube which works on the same principle as the BunduSuite, but comes in at a size of 1.2m x 1.2m.

BunduTec solar panel

Solar Panel

The BunduTop is wired for the fitment of a Solar Panel and due to the large surface area of this rootop tent, it is very convenient and mount the solar panel. It also means you can have a bigger wattage solar panel due to the extra space.

To enquire about these great additions to your BunduTop from BunduTec, simply fill in the enquiry form below and a member of the BunduTec team will get hold of you regarding pricing, fitment and availability.

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