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Rhinoman Canopies

The Rhinoman canopy range comes in three distinct models which are the RhinoCab, RhinoLite and RhinoSuperlite. All three variants are aimed at the leisure market in the various price brackets.




The Superlite is the entry-level canopy and has a square design and unpainted doors. The RhinoLite canopy is more rounded and has a profile in line with the vehicle roof. The RhinoCab unit is 40mm higher than the roof, and is contoured to the shape of the vehicle. All units come standard with mounting rails on the roof for the attachment of a roofrack or other carrying equipment. All units also come with gullwing doors, glass in the front and rear as well as an integrated pressure vent to limit dust ingress.

Rhinoman canopies have a unique monocoque design which makes it extremely strong whilst keeping it lightweight. During design testing, this structure only failed above an impressive load of 8000kg. This is much more than your will ever be able to load on your vehicle. This design also improves vehicle safety, especially in the event of a roll over, where the canopy then acts as a roll-cage. Our canopies are made to outlast the vehicles they are fitted to and have a two-year warranty. We also have an extensive dealer network across southern Africa, Australia and Europe.

The canopies are made from vehicle grade aluminium and all derivatives are mounted with brackets which fasten to the vehicle’s dedicated load mounts with no drilling required. Another plus with Rhinoman canopies is that they offer canopies for all vehicle brands and derivatives from 2013 onward.

Standard features

Integrated airflow vent

Roof rails built in

Gullwing sides

Internal accessory mounts

Single key locks

Dust- and waterproof seals

Glass rear window

Solid/glass side options

Vehicle colour matching/colour options

Colour options: Various colour combinations as standard

Front cab slider standard

Two-year warranty

Typical weight: single cab 80kg /double cab 65kg

Pricing: From R18 900 to R26 900 depending on model

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