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Cast your net to include Namibia’s freshwater angling options


Namibia’s freshwater angling options provide anglers not only with the opportunity to experience excellent angling conditions at a variety of inland dams and rivers, but a chance to explore the country as they head off to their choice angling destination.

Many of Namibia’s dams provide not only angling options but also a variety of activities in which the family can partake, such as water sports such as sailing, board sailing and waterskiing as well as walks and picnic areas that can be enjoyed.

Namibia’s interior dams are paramount in the fresh water angling industry and the Hardap Dam, just 15km north of Mariental, heads up this list. Easily accessible from the B1, this popular dam is stocked with Mozambique tilapia, small-mouth yellow fish, Orange River mudfish, sharptooth catfish and moggel as well as the common carp.

South of Okahandja lies the Von Bach Dam where anglers can enjoy a dam stocked with large-mouth bass, blue kurper, small-mouth yellow fish, carp and barbell.

Travelling out from Windhoek, a popular angling option in the central region is the Friedenau Dam while the Naute Dam in the south remains yet another option to explore and experience.

The great Zambezi River, found in the north-east of Namibia, is home to more than 40 angling species, with the most sought after specimen on offer definitely being the Tiger fish. Tiger fish with a weight of 6.5kg upwards are not uncommon! The best time to consider angling in the Zambezi would be between the months of June to December, when the river subsides. Other popular angling options include the redbreast, greenhead and three-spot tilapia, humpback largemouth, nembwe and the pink happy.

A strict catch-and-release policy is adhered to, to ensure the survival of this very impressive specie, as well as its conservation.

Freshwater Angling Regulations
Namibia has a strict code of conduct and regulations that need to be adhered to when practicing marine angling within the country. These are not only to limit and record annual fishing limits but are to ensure the conservation and regeneration of Namibia’s natural aquatic species.

These regulations include:
•    Anglers need to be in possession of a freshwater angling permit, which is available from any of the 13 regional councils;
•    In the Zambezi, Kunene and Kavango Rivers and in the oshanas in the Owambo regions, only a limited number of nets with specific sieve sizes are allowed. These nets are not to be placed closer than 100m from each other. All nets need to be registered annually.
•    Tour operators involved in angling operations must acquire licenses for their boats and all anglers taken onboard these boats must also be in possession of permits.
•    The minimum lengths of angling species have been adjusted with Tiger fish for example, that need to be at least 40cm and no more than two may be caught per person.
•    Freshwater angling competitions must be submitted for approval at least three months prior to the proposed events. All participants need to be in possession of valid licenses.

Visit for further information regarding freshwater angling in Namibia or contact the Namibia Tourism Board on (021) 422 3298. Like NTB on Facebook/namibianexperience or follow them on twitter/ntbsa.