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From the moment I saw the Donkerpoort 4×4 website, I suspected that this 19km track would provide some challenges. TRAIL INFO LOCATION: Southern Free State GPS: S 30.521707° E 25.497304° Nearest town: Gariep Dam – 10km Nearest fuel & provisions: Gariep Dam – very good OK supermarket there. TRAIL DETAILS: Opening times: All year, but check with Ernie about rainfall in March. Terrain: A combination of gravel, shale, mud, a touch of sand and a lengthy water crossing through the Karoo flats and mountains, makes this a varied and engaging trail. There are several steep inclines (max 40°+) and steep

I realise it’s the wrong attitude, but I can’t help but view the Johannesburg to Cape Town drive on the N1 as a test of endurance – a task to see how many kilometres I can kill before having to stop for a Red Bull break. Recently, it’s become worse; I now see it as a 15-hour life-or-death concentration game in which I need to overtake as many trucks as possible. I drove the N1 a few weeks back and was shocked by how few cars were on the road. At times, 20 minutes would pass before I saw a

The Berakah 4×4, mountain bike, quad bike and hiking trail set in the Vredefort dome just 14 km outside Parys, offers one day or a weekend getaway filled with endless fun, challenge, thrill and nerve wracking experiences. The dome area is a huge dome shaped geological structure in the vicinity of Parys and Vredefort. It comprises of a central core of granite-gneiss, approximately 40km wide, surrounded by a ring of steep inclining rock formations, which forms the mountainous area. The structure has its origin from a meteorite which struck the earth in this area 2000million years ago. It is one