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Words Stephen Smith, Images David Van Den Bergh & Stephen Smith Scroll down to watch the video. A buffalo lumbers out of the mist. It’s a muted spectre emerging just metres in front of us, crossing the road and fading away again within seconds, disappearing with that typical, slow motion gallop of the species. Its muted hoof-steps fade away quickly; the whole episode surreal and fleeting. We’re somewhere in Somkhanda Game Reserve. Exactly where is hard to say, because, although we aren’t lost, we also don’t know where we are or where we’re headed. The mist doesn’t help matters. But

The Bivane 4×4 route is a 17km trail found within the Ithala Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu-Natal. We had made plans to review this route many times before, but (because we’d heard so little about this Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife-run game park,) we’d thought nothing of pushing it aside for more “favourable” trails each month.Words and images by Grant Spolander Surely, if no one ever talks about a place, the chances are good that it has nothing worth writing about. Right? WRONG! Our first surprise was at Ithala’s entrance gate; they’ve got their very own petrol/diesel pump, which looks new. The

Our GPS map looks like kindergarden art as roads trail off in every direction. Many of these tracks criss-cross one another and abruptly end in blankness. We’re trying to make sense of the sand-road network north of Sodwana and I finally accept that northern KZN has no official 4×4 trails. Despite my best efforts, I failed to find a formal 4×4 route in northern KZN, the kind where you arrive at an office, pay a fee, sign an indemnity, and drive a well-mapped trail that usually follows a circular path. I even questioned the locals for an inside scoop, hoping

If you love 4x4ing and nature then the Valley of the Kings is your ideal next destination. Set in the scenic Umfolozi valley, Thangami is the epitome of relaxed comfort and light-hearted enjoyment. A balmy climate and soils rich in nutrients ensures a wide variety of plants, birds and animals to surprise you around every corner. The history is rich and powerful and the presence of kings can be traced back to the days prior to the founding of the Zulu nation when the valley was inhabited by the Bhutelezi clan. Later came Dingiswayo, Shaka and Mpande, among others. The