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It was pitch dark in the dense trees surrounding our campsite. The fire was tingeing the umbrella of Jackalberry tree branches above our heads with licks of red, orange and yellow. Our first night’s camp was on the banks of the Letaba River, and I guess we were still in ‘city’ mode, because Tshepo Mathebula, our Kruger National Park guide, said,“Hey guys, keep quiet − don’t make a sound.” He quietly added, “Listen… Can you hear that that low cough?” Except for the crackle of the fire, a deadly silence surrounded the laager of vehicles with the tents pitched protectively

As I climbed off the Airlink 41 turboprop at Phalaborwa airport, I was struck first by the heat, then by the smell of the warm earth, and, finally, by the sounds of the African bush.Words and pictures by Richard van Ryneveld. The contrasts were startling – I’d left a grey, drizzly Cape Town a couple of hours earlier that morning. Now I was on the edge of the Kruger Park, getting ready for five days on the Luvuvhu 4×4 trail with Transfrontier Parks Destinations (TFPD). It wasn’t difficult to spot our guide for the trip, Janco Scott. He was the

The Luvuvhu Trail runs from Phalaborwa to Pafuri, through the Greater Kruger’s Letaba Ranch and Makuya Park. Trailists need to be fully self-sufficient with low-range, high-clearance 4×4 vehicles (soft-riders can’t get through this territory). The option exists for trailists to use off-road, 4×4 trailers. Bring your own camping equipment, food and drinks.The lead guide has his own vehicle, and 2-way radios are provided for all vehicles on the trail. Itinerary Day 1 Depart from Phalaborwa at 12h00.  We follow the main road and 20km further enter the Limpopo provincial reserve of Letaba Ranch, a sector of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier

Trail driving’s not for everyone. Some folk love the idea of steep descents, axle-twisters and muddy play pits, but many feel it’s a pointless pastime and an unnecessary risk to their vehicles.Words by Grant Spolander Pictures by Grant Spolander and Johan Klopper But 4WD trails do present certain attractions. Firstly, a local trail will keep you motivated for your next overland journey by reminding you of all the things you love about the great outdoors. Secondly, it’s an excellent way to hone your driving skills and to familiarise yourself with your 4×4. Lastly, it’s a helluva lot more fun than