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We are invited to test-drive two long-closed 4×4 trails, experience Songimvelo Nature Reserve, and get a taste of Mpumalanga’s lesser-known natural wonders Story Jacques Viljoen Photography Jacques Viljoen & Anton Willemse Mpumalanga is Zulu for ‘the place where the sun rises’, and its major natural attractions have long been a favoured escape for travellers the world over looking for wildlife and dramatic scenery. But there’s a lot more for the traveller once the Kruger National Park, Blyde River Canyon, and Dullstroom have been ticked off the list. Truth is, many of these places are a long drive from the main

At around 600km, the Namakwa Eco Trail is SA’s longest and most remote 4×4 trail. We went in search of solitude along the Orange River Having read about it over four years ago on a forum one evening, the Namakwa Eco Trail has been eluding me ever since. While living vicariously through the photographs of others’ adventures is better than not at all, we simply had to go ourselves. Through all my travels with SA4x4, no other trail in South Africa promised to be so remote, long, and beautiful, so off we went, hunting silence. The route technically starts along

There are two types of travellers out there: those who plan and those who ‘wing it’. Personally, I’m of the latter variety. I’d like to tell you that it’s because I’m an adventurous soul, a person whose heart yearns for the long road of mystery; but the truth is (and I’m sure my wife will agree with me here), that I’m a pathetic organiser and I hate booking things. To some, it’s seen as a shameful quality and often mistaken as laziness; but, in my defence, it’s simply a character trait.Words and image by Grant Spolander My need to know

Our Holnek adventure kicked off in darkness. It was one of those moonless nights, when the Milky Way splashes across the night sky and pools behind an infinitely dark horizon. We left Pretoria later than planned, arriving at Holnek’s entrance gate somewhere around 21:00. Just as our headlights pierced the wire fence, trail owners Kobus and Manda came out to greet us.Words and image by Grant Spolander We followed Kobus’s Cruiser in a cloud of swirling dust to our accommodation for the weekend: a well-equipped thatched home, with two wooden decks that presumably allowed one to gaze out at something

The 4×4 trail is one of the leading off-road experiences in South Africa. The trail is driven by participants in their own vehicles under guidance of our experienced marshals. The trail has different sections with a variety of challenging natural obstacles, each with its own character and each offering varying degrees of difficulty, including river crossings, mud sections, steep ascents and descents and plenty of rocky areas, all under expert guidance. For those who do not want to participate in the extreme sections, it is possible to take a detour. Safety, vehicle care and enjoyment are the cornerstones around which

Set in the heart of the Lowveld in the Schagen Valley on the Maputo Corridor 10 minutes from Nelspruit, the capital of Mpumalanga. This tranquil homestead and chalet of well-travelled Johann and Wanda Sippel, is within close proximity of the Kruger National Park. It is also perfectly located for exploring the Lowveld tourist attractions like Blyde River Canyon, Pilgrim’s Rest and Sudwala Caves. Alkmaar Farmstay is a birdwatcher’s paradise with nesting white fronted bee-eaters, resident paradise flycatchers and long crested eagles being seen regularly. Hiking, bass fishing and kayaking are available as well as a scenic 4X4 route. It is