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From affordable to luxurious seat covers Takla Products has them all. Takla Products was established in 1996 and is an ISO:9001 accredited manufacture. Believe it or not the first product Takla produced was their famous load liner. The founder of Takla, Rowan Hayes saw the need for boot protection after his dogs damaged the back of his Isuzu Troopy. After a few templates and sleepless nights the load liner began to take shape to what we know it as today. Watch this video below to see how much abuse Takla Seat Covers can really take:

The Air Spring Supply Company are leaders in Air Spring applications in Africa with more than 38 years of experience. They have been instrumental in providing the transport industry with unique air suspension products covering a huge range of vehicle applications and are proud of supplying well designed and easy installed products. When choosing suspension for your vehicle, there is often a trade-off between handling and performance when laden versus unladen. If you fit rear springs that deliver comfort and a raised ride height when the vehicle is unladen, it will result in the rear end sagging when you load

DAY 1 4 hours Our group of Intrepid Travellers met at Saaymen’s Garage in Willowmore at 12h00. I am pleased to say that all were on time, and after filling up with fuel and last-minute supplies we were ready to go! Our first excursion was to drive to the lookout point on Assegai Hill at the summit of the highest mountain in the area where there is a broadcast tower. The key to the gate and the route information is available at Finchley Farm and the cost per person is R50. Finchley Farm offers camping at R100 per person and

We decided to take the new lockdown regulations seriously. The borders had been opened and our long awaited Botswana trip was once again a possibility. We seized it! On 1 January 2021 we took our covid tests and the next day we headed for the border. We arrived after lunch and the border was closed. They were sanitizing after discovering a covid case. It became clear that this situation was not going to be resolved the same day so we found a place to stay for the night, a beautiful place right on the banks of the great grey green

Technology that makes travel safer More often than not, very little thought is put into choosing a new or replacement battery for your vehicle. That’s usually because a battery gives you little to no warning that its time is coming to an end. And when that end does come, it usually happens when you are out in the bush or across the border, leaving you frustrated, stranded and needing an urgent replacement battery. Before you head off to your nearest battery dealer and replace the dead battery with another old-fashioned lead-acid battery, make sure you read this article first. Chances

Overlanders and off-road adventurers know and understand the paramount importance of their 4×4 suspension systems. Experienced overlanders understand the differences between quality aftermarket suspension systems and original suspension systems that come with your off-road vehicle when purchased new or second hand. HIT THE ROAD JACK It is clear that in South Africa there are three main types of overlanding personalities. There are those who believe that if it isn’t broke … don’t fix it, those who only address problems when they arise, and finally those who are able to anticipate problems before they occur, thus circumventing emergency fixes while on

Suspension is not something you often see when you first look at a rig. But when you need it your suspension is the single most important upgrade you can make to your vehicle – and here’s why. Original Equipment suspension is set up to support your vehicle for on-road conditions with a reasonable amount of weight. When you start to add vehicle accessories, attach a trailer or caravan and increase your load, the way the suspension handles the load changes drastically. Couple that with uneven surfaces and off-road conditions, the OEM suspension can more often than not, handle the additional

Huge power figure bakkies don’t really feature in our market, mainly due to two reasons. The R&D involved in development of engines for our extreme climates is very costly, which in turn pushes the price of the vehicle up beyond any feasibility for its target market. All the top sellers’ power figures are in the 150 to 160kW mark with torque around 500nM, with a preference for reliability and dependability over power. But this leaves a gap in the market for a manufacturer to produce the “power king”. This is where the new 2021 Volkswagen Amarok Extreme V6 comes in.

Imagine the pressure of having to redesign a legend. Paying homage to a vehicle with icon status, while still keeping your younger customers interested. Following in the footsteps of the original Defender was never going to be an easy task. But Land Rover didn’t just want to build another SUV. It needed to be revolutionary, trend setting and above all else, a car worthy of its namesake. And boy oh boy we can only imagine the sleepless nights the engineers had researching, developing and testing even the smallest details of what would become probably become one of the most highly

– Mitsubishi Motors SA Pajero Ambassador takes Pajero Sport on epic adventure to the “Land of Legends” – Pajero Sport hosts convoy of 14 4x4s in Venda’s Secret Forest – Off-road legend Francois Rossouw impressed by performance in the rough Mitsubishi Motors South Africa’s Pajero brand ambassador Francois Rossouw took the Pajero Sport out on an adventure to Venda, an extremely interesting part of South Africa’s Limpopo province. “Similar to the Pajero with its long history over 30 years, tales of tough adventures all over the world and outstanding performances, it is a legend in own right,” says Rossouw, who

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