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Words by andrew middleton. pictures by Andrew Middleton & Ewert Jooste. After opening shop just 18 months ago, the passionate husband and wife team of Ewert and Cristel Jooste are shaking up the bumper industry. With sleek lines and an extremely innovative design, Rhino 4×4 is determined to ‘Allow your 4×4 to evolve.’ We caught up with them at their new shop in Randpark Ridge, to see for ourselves what all the hype is about. SA4x4: How did you get involved in the bumper industry? Ewert: I used to be an electrical contractor; but my wife and I love camping,

Words and pictures by Andrew Middleton. Situated between Durban and Port-Shepstone, the original dealership was known as Saunders Garage. Sometime in the mid ‘60s, the company changed its name to Halfway Service Station, and became a powerful dealer network focused on the 4×4 Industry. Shortly after their doors opened, the new Halfway dealership took the plunge and invested in Toyota. At the time, the Japanese marque was still a relatively small brand in SA, so this was a risky move – but, as Toyota grew from strength to strength, the Halfway Toyota dealer expanded, too. Under the expert leadership of

Words by andrew middleton. pictures supplied. Big Country 4×4 has weathered some tough economic storms lately, but this tenacious company continues to innovate, design and deliver globallyacclaimed products for the offroad market. Recent news has it that Big Country 4×4 has joined forces with Frantel Holdings (the specialist manufacturing company and off-road-trailer builder) to further broaden their product range. We caught up with the company’s CEO, Richard Ransome, to find out more. SA4x4: Richard, Big Country 4×4 was previously partnered with African Outback. What happened to this alliance? Richard: I could write a book on this story, but the brief

Words by Brian Jefferies Rock Solid Industries’ (RSI) new stainless-steel canopy is quite possibly the strongest canopy on the market. The company, which was established in 2007, is based in KZN (Westmead) and well-known for its RSI SmartBox range. These boxes have become synonymous with reliability and quality, providing pick-up owners with a sturdy storage compartment to stow their tools. The SmartBox product is an accessory popular with off-road enthusiasts and professional tradesmen, but the good news is that Rock Solid Industries have recently expanded their product range to include their new Stainless Steel RSI SmartCanopy. RSI have gone to

Words by Andrew Middleton. Pictures supplied. Ironman. Ironman 4X4 Australia and the automotive giant, Partquip Group, recently joined forces to create a joint venture: Ironman 4X4 Africa. The decision to team up was a result of Ironman 4X4’s resounding international success, as they now export and distribute products to over 160 countries. The good news for South African off-road enthusiasts is that Ironman’s product range will now feature more diversity, availability, and (best of all) affordability. For the past nine years, Partquip Group (through its Suspension Solutions Division) has been the sole importer and distributor of Ironman 4×4 Suspension and

Words and pictures by Andrew Middleton. SA4x4: What does LA Sport stand for? Annalie: They are our initials, Lionel and Annalie. We started this business together and we’re 50/50 partners in the business. SA4x4: How did you get involved in the 4×4 industry? Annalie: Well, Lionel has been involved for many years. He used to build monster trucks over 20 years ago when the company was still called V8 & 4×4 Performance. His dad was brought up around cars and now that we have kids, the dynasty continues. Two of our children work for the business and are fully-fledged 4×4

30 Minutes with Kevin Bolton, NavWorld. Kevin, you were formerly the owner of Bolton’s GPS Warehouse. What happened to that company? And how did you end up at NavWorld? NavWorld was created when Darryl Curtis (owner of Bandit GPS) and I (then the owner of Bolton’s GPS Warehouse) decided to collaborate. As the two largest independent Garmin dealers in the country, it made sense for us to join forces and take our respective businesses to the next level. As a result, NavWorld is now Garmin’s walk-in client service provider and the largest independent Garmin retailer in SA. What’s your formula

The LA Sport 4×4 Products in Action Show 2014 is in its 14th year and with its continuous success it promises to be a 4×4 event not to be missed. The Show has become a fixture on the annual 4×4 calendar and LA Sport Head Office hereby take great pleasure in inviting you to come and enjoy this 4×4, outdoor, camping and adventure fun filled weekend! The LA Sport 4×4 Products in Action Show 2014 will be taking place on the 24th and 25th of May 2014. The Show focuses on 4×4 product demonstrations, outdoors, 4×4 accessories and destinations. This

Words and pictures by Jess Fogarty Leon De Rouwe has been running Creative Wheels in Boksburg for fourteen years. This business used to be strictly a tyre fitment centre, but now includes a Willard Battery Centre and, more recently, a 4×4 fitment centre. We chatted to Leon about the future of the 4×4 side of his business, as well as how it all came about.  SA4x4 So, Leon, what made you add the 4×4 aspect to your business? Leon Creative Wheels has always offered a wide variety of tyres (local and imported) and mag wheels – it’s also offered batteries,

Words and Pictures by Bridgestone SA Lining up for the home straight The penultimate round of the 2012 Bridgestone 4×4 Fundi Challenge was always going to be tough; based at the Gerotek Vehicle Testing facility west of Pretoria, with its mild to wild 4×4 testing tracks, this round of the 4×4 Fundi was designed to separate the men from the boys. Driver skill counted as much as the vehicle ability. The crews also had to keep a cool head as there were a number of minor factors that could catch out the unwary. And catch them out they did. But

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