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Qusetion by: Keith Atwell Answer by: Arnold VenterWhen travelling long distances – Cape Town to Johannesburg – my ‘02 Colt Trailbuster 2.4 SC refuses to start between stops – generally after four to five hours of driving. If I try and start the vehicle the ignition light fades and a soft chattering noise can be heard from LHS footwell area. The engine starts immediately if I mechanically bridge the starter motor, or if the vehicle is left to stand for some time – less time is needed on cooler days. To date, I’ve replaced the Colt’s battery and starter motor,

Qusetion by: Frikkie van Aardt Answer by: Arnold VenterI own a ‘01 Hilux KZ-TE 3.0 DC. I bought the vehicle second-hand, fully kitted and with approximately 170 000 km on the clock. The vehicle had never given me a day’s trouble until December ‘09 when it showed its first signs of overheating – particularly when pushed hard up steep gradients. I took the vehicle to Silverton Radiators and they confirmed that it had a cylinder head leak. A new head was fitted and the Hilux was fine for a while; however, on a recent trip to Cape Town I noticed

Qusetion by: Andrew Coetzee Answer by: Ronald HairbottleI own a Land Cruiser 100 VX which I suspect has modified gear ratios. I say this because my Cruiser runs in the red at 140 km/h. Could it be that my particular model was OE specced for towing, or did the previous owner alter the diff / gearbox ratios? Also, I’d like to know if free-wheel hubs can be fitted to my Cruiser, and if so, where can I source the parts? Andrew Coetzee THE EXPERT’S OPINION: Your Cruiser’s diff ratios may very well be non-standard, or perhaps the vehicle was originally

Qusetion by: Gary Twiss Answer by: Wayne Coombe-HeathI’d like to increase my Discovery 4 TDV6’s driving range; what are my options regarding an auxiliary fuel tank and how will it alter my vehicle? Gary Twiss THE EXPERT’S OPINION: Front Runner manufacturers an 80-litre auxiliary fuel tank for the Discovery 3 and 4. The tank retails for R4 785 (excluding delivery and fitment). The auxiliary tank is mounted at the rear of the Discovery, in place of the spare wheel, and filled through the existing filler / inlet pipe. When needed, fuel is transferred from the auxiliary tank to the main

Qusetion by: Steve Gage Answer by: Ronald HairbottleI own a Discovery 1 300 TDI that’s dangerously pitching and rolling to the side. I recently had the vehicle’s wheel alignment / balancing checked by a reputable tyre dealer but it didn’t help. I’ve also fitted three different sets of springs and shocks in an attempt to solve the problem, but the Disco continues to rock ‘n roll – even more so when travelling uphill. Could this be due to the extra load / weight of my roofrack, rooftop tent, fridge and dual battery system? At first I suspected the anti-sway bar

Qusetion by: Chase Bryce-Rogers Answer by: Arnold VenterWe own a ’97 Isuzu KB280 DC with 285 000 km on the clock. It runs beautifully and is definitely not lacking power. The trouble is starting her up. We’ve replaced the heater plugs and injectors but that hasn’t solved the problem. We also installed a heater button to manually preheat the engine but on cold days you have to hold the button down for up to a minute or more – not particularly good for the battery which we have to remove and charge every two weeks or so. Chase Bryce-Rogers THE

Qusetion by: Stephan van Tonder Answer by: Ronald HairbottleIs it possible to remove the stabiliser bars on my Datsun Patrol pick-up ZG60H? I’d like to gain better axle articulation. Will this compromise the vehicle’s ride quality and safety? Also, if I transfer the leaf blades to the top of the axle will I gain enough clearance to fit 31” tyres? Lastly, can the rear leaf-blade cluster be reduced for a smoother ride, and again, better suspension flex? Stephan van Tonder THE EXPERT’S OPINION: The stabiliser bars – or anti-sway bars – are designed to reduce vehicle body roll when cornering,

Qusetion by: Ivan Balabanov Answer by: Michael HolleisI recently bought an ’00 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 automatic with 239 000 km on the clock, no service history and the NP242 transfer box. What I’d like to know is: what oils / belts should I change and what grade of oil would you recommend? I’d like to do it myself. Ivan Balabanov THE EXPERT’S OPINION: There isn’t a straightforward answer to this I’m afraid. The oil we get today has a very low zinc / phosphorous (ZDDP) content which is an additive used to protect extreme pressure areas of older engines,

Qusetion by: Warren van der Merwe Answer by: Arnold VenterI own an ’05 Colt 3.0 V6 that’s done 119 000 km. I absolutely love my bakkie, but it’s got one elusive problem: every now and then it makes a loud rattling sound when started, almost like the motor’s full of loose nuts and bolts. The noise used to persist for up to 10 seconds, but lately it’s gotten worse and now lasts for about a minute or so. To me, it sounds like the valve lifters are rattling until they get oil, but if I switch the engine off and

Qusetion by: Nick Retief Answer by: Ronald HairbottleI recently read an expert’s response to a suspension-related query (Flexible Patrol) in your July ’11 issue. I’m attempting a similar conversation (shackle reversal and lengthening) to my Cruiser but as mentioned by your expert the lengthened shackle upfront has resulted in wandering and instability. I inserted a 5 mm spacer between the diff housing and the leaf springs to compensate for the caster change and it’s helped tremendously. My question is: would the rear diff also need a similar adjustment or does the rear suspension not matter much? Also, does the diff

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