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Qusetion by: Tommy Jansen Answer by: Arnold VenterI’d like to know more about the Unichip conversion for the Merc ML270 CDi. Basically, is it worthwhile and will it improve my vehicle’s fuel consumption? My ML has done 112 000 km and is out of warranty. Tommy Jansen THE EXPERT’S OPINION: The new Uni-Q chip works very well on the Mercedes 2.7 diesel motor and we’ve completed a number of these installations. One can expect a 15 percent power increase and a 25 percent torque increase while simultaneously eliminating much of the engine’s turbo-lag. It’s hard to say what the fuel

Qusetion by: Mr Wasdell Answer by: Daniel MokoenaI had hoped to buy a Pajero GLS diesel but I’ve struck a snag. It’s my understanding that this engine can only run on 50 ppm diesel, which, unfortunately, is not available in my area – the closest 50 ppm filling station is 186 km away. From what I hear Mitsubishi and Mercedes have parted ways, with Imperial assuming the role as product manager for Mitsubishi. What I’d like to know is whether or not I can use 500 ppm in this engine and what, if any, would be the implications on its

Qusetion by: Gareth Coats Answer by: Johann ViljoenI’d like to know the pros and cons of filling my tyres with nitrogen instead of regular air. It seems the advertised benefits are true, but I’m unclear as to whether or not it makes a huge difference and if it would be beneficial in my 4×4’s case, especially considering the possible dangers of mixing nitrogen with normal air. Apparently, mixing air with nitrogen leads to density differences and therefore pressure variations, uneven tyre wear and reduced tyre lifespan. If this is true, could I not re-inflate my nitrogen-filled tyres with my portable

Qusetion by: Norman Jandrell Answer by: Justin BennettsWe often hear horror stories about 4x4s catching alight due to grass build-up around the exhaust system. With this in mind, would it not be beneficial to wrap the exhaust in some sort of insulation material – fibreglass rope for example? Or would this have an adverse effect on the vehicle’s motor? Norman Jandrell THE EXPERT’S OPINION: Wrapping the exhaust in insulation material will not have an adverse effect on the engine but you’re guaranteed to shorten the lifespan of the exhaust pipe. Every vehicle brought into our workshop with exhaust wrapping shows

Qusetion by: Johan Daubern Answer by: Arnold VenterI’m the owner of an ’07 Navara 2.5-litre. At 119 858 km this vehicle was serviced and all the belts were replaced. Since then a squeaky noise can be heard in the engine bay every time I start the Nissan. I took the vehicle to my local Nissan dealer and was informed that the noise was coming from the new belts. I later discovered that the bearings on the main jockey pulley were seized and that the bearings on the power-steering pulley were also shot. I’ve replaced all three pulley bearings but the

Qusetion by: Andries du Preez Answer by: Arnold VenterI recently bought a Land Rover 110 SW with the 6-cylinder naturally-aspirated diesel motor (68 kW). It goes well but lacks oomph on the uphills. Would I gain noticeable power by fitting freewheel hubs to the front axle along with a free-flow exhaust system? Andries du Preez THE EXPERT’S OPINION: Theoretically, installing a free-flow exhaust with freewheel hubs will make a difference, however, the power increase will be marginal. Personally, I’d opt for an engine swap: either the Land Rover 2.5 TDI or the Ford 2.5 TDI. Both motors are well regarded

Qusetion by: Christiaan Smuts Answer by: Adaptor and Conversation CentreI own a Datsun Safari 2.8 petrol which is exclusively used as a farm vehicle. The bakkie’s in great condition and has only done 80 000 km, but the petrol motor’s not ideal for farm work and I’d prefer a normally-aspirated diesel. Would it be possible to swap the 2.8-litre petrol engine for a suitable diesel replacement, perhaps the 4.2 Patrol motor? Christiaan Smuts THE EXPERT’S OPINION: When converting a vehicle from petrol to diesel – or visa versa – there’s more to consider than just engine / gearbox adapting. Yes,

Qusetion by: Botma Sybrand Answer by: Ronald HairbottleI’d like to fit a locker to my ’99 Ford Courier 2.5 Tdi. Is there a diff-lock available for my Courier, and if so, should I fit it to the front or rear axle? I love trail driving but I don’t like the stuck part. Botma Sybrand THE EXPERT’S OPINION: Unfortunately, it’s very diffcult to answer this question without examining your vehicle. Ford has used a wide range of rear diffs in their vehicles so it’s impossible to know which is fitted to your bakkie without looking at it. However, we do stock

Qusetion by: Devon Huysamen Answer by: Arnold VenterI own an ‘05 Mazda 2.5 DC TD with intercooler. I’m having problems with this vehicle on uphills of a fair gradient. When making these climbs the Mazda’s speed drops from 120 km/h to 100 km/h, at which point I need to gear down to 4th in order to maintain my speed. Recently, I’ve tried downshifting before the hill in an attempt to keep the Mazda’s revs up, but the vehicle’s power still drops off. On longer hills my speed drops as low as 80 km/h with no hopes of recovering. From past

Qusetion by: Bradley Edwards Answer by: Arnold VenterI own a ’99 Hilux DC 2.7 named Bossies, which is my absolute joy. Unfortunately, Bossies has an oildrinking problem. How bad is it? Well, every time I fill up the fuel tank I need to top up with oil. However, there’s more to the story… About 15 months ago I was about to leave on a trip through Botswana and Namibia when I noticed the Hilux’s valve stem seals were leaking. Wanting peace of mind, I decided to have the problem fixed before going on tour. The vehicle went in for repairs

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