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Qusetion by: Keith Booysen Answer by: Arnold VenterMy ’02 Colt Clubcab 2.8 TDI with 110 000 km has just developed a strange problem: the green 4WD light refuses to turn off when 2WD is selected. I’ve tried everything – bringing the vehicle to a complete stop, engaging / disengaging low-range, reversing… everything, but the light stays on. What could be the cause of this problem? What’s more, when the vehicle does finally go into 2WD it takes a long time to re-engage 4WD, especially if I’ve driven the vehicle long distances – as I found after getting stuck in a

Qusetion by: Andries Pieterse Answer by: Arnold VenterI recently bought a ’98 Isuzu 320 LX with 243 000 km. It’s very powerful and goes well on the open road. However, once we hit the uphills the power drops off and the Isuzu jerks for a second or two before coming alive again. I had the vehicle serviced (cambelt, plugs, oil, filters, etc.) by a trusted mechanic but the problem persists. Another problem I’m having is that the 4WD warning light and diff-lock light fail to illuminate when activated. Could this be a faulty sensor? Besides these two problems I’m very

Qusetion by: Obie Oberholzer Answer by: Chris SmithI’d like to know if one needs to keep a deep-cycle battery on continuous charge (trickle charge), or can one charge it every two to three months? I only use the battery once or twice a year when on holiday – the rest of the time it’s left in storage. Obie Oberholzer THE EXPERT’S OPINION: Fundamentally, a deep-cycle battery is chemically no different to a cranking battery; they both work on the principle of lead and sulphuric acid reacting with one another. That said, the danger of continuous trickle charging occurs when the

Qusetion by: Andries Du Preez Answer by: Arnold VenterI need more power from my Defender 110 2.5-litre diesel (naturally-aspirated), especially on the open road with its long uphills. Apart from fitting another engine – or turbo-charger – I thought I could install a free-flow exhaust, fit freewheel hubs or possibly install a Land Rover Series 3 transfer box up front and drive with the centre diff locked, thereby making the vehicle a selectable 4×4. Would the abovementioned mods significantly reduce drag while increasing my Landy’s power? Andries Du Preez THE EXPERT’S OPINION: Personally, I’d keep this engine stock standard and

Question by: Peter Gordon Grant Answer by: Mike PorterI need help, fast. My ’08 Defender 110 pick-up is used for farming and has in the last year or so chewed through seven sets of brake pads – it all started after I had a new ABS unit fitted in March ’11. I’ve never installed inferior parts to the Landy and have only gone with Ferodo, ATE or genuine Land Rover pads. I use the vehicle in muddy conditions but only for two days of the week when driving through parts of the farm that are slightly wet. My Freelander drives

Question by: Andy Bentley Answer by: Johann ViljoenWhat should I do about my trailer’s tyre pressures when travelling in sand? Should I run normal road-going pressures or deflate the trailer’s tyres to match my 4×4? Ordinarily, I keep my Prado’s tyre pressure and my trailer’s tyre pressure the same (1.2 bar) when driving in sand, but much to my surprise I’ve heard several people say this isn’t the best approach. On my last trip to Moz I towed a single-axle trailer with two quad bikes on top; most times I travel with my Echo 3 or Jurgens Exclusive. What’s your

Question by: Graham Murray Answer by: Arnold VenterI own an ’05 Land Cruiser Prado with the 1GR-FE 4.0-litre engine and 145 000 km on the clock. I’ve just returned from a trip to the Kaokoveld where the vehicle performed beautifully on some tough terrain – Van Zyl’s Pass, Kunene River track and several riverbeds. However, on my return trip to JHB I noticed an oil leak between the engine and automatic transmission. The leaking fluid appears to be engine oil; could it be a rear crankshaft oil seal? Is the leak a result of the trip’s toughness, or just luck

Question by: Justin Watson Answer by: Johann ViljoenI was wondering if you could please shed some light on wheel options pertaining to the Land Cruiser pick-up? I would like to change my Cruiser’s Marie biscuit tyres for something a little chunkier; do you know of any rims (other than the A-Line Cruiser wheels) that will fit the Land Cruiser hub? It’s a 5-stud pattern on a 150 mm pitch circle diameter (PCD). I’ve heard that the steel Trail Duster rims will also fit but as far as I can tell there aren’t too many alloy wheel options for this vehicle.

Qusetion by: Christo Swanepoel Answer by: Justin BennettsMy ’05 Hilux 4.0 V6 has done 270 000 km. During the last 10 000 km I’ve had to replace many of the vehicle’s sensors. Is it normal for the oil, temperature and oxygen sensors to fail at this mileage? It seems the previous owner removed the catalytic convertors in the exhaust system – could this be the cause of the sensors’ failing? These things are proving to be quite expensive. Christo Swanepoel THE EXPERT’S OPINION: Removing the catalytic converter will not shorten the lifespan of an oxygen sensor. These sensors are commonly

Qusetion by: Rudy Coetzee Answer by: Ronald HairbottleI’d like to ensure that my Hilux 3.0 D-4D is completely waterproof in deep river crossings. How do I do this? Rudy Coetzee THE EXPERT’S OPINION: Unfortunately, due to all their electronic gadgets, new 4x4s aren’t that easy to waterproof. But I’d look at the following: Front and rear diff housing: You need to extend the diff-housing breathers and mount them as high as possible. Also, you want to leave out the non-return valve and fit a small fuel filter to the end of the tube; this will ensure that no dirt enters

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