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Question by: Johnny Viljoen Answer by: Justin Bennetts & Arnold VenterI have an ’08 Jeep Wrangler Sahara V6 AT. I want to remove the vehicle’s catalytic converters but someone told me I’ll experience engine management problems and that the warning light will remain on. Is there a solution to this problem? Secondly, I was told to steer clear of a super-chip conversion. Rumour has it that the piggy-back system will confuse the ECU. Is this true? Johnny Viljoen THE EXPERT’S OPINION (ONE): The advice you’ve been given is entirely correct. Later model Jeeps (’05 onwards) are incredibly sensitive to having

Question by: Richard Rattue Answer by: Arnold VenterI drive an ’07 Land Cruiser 100 Series 4.2-litre diesel. Whenever possible I fill up with 50 ppm diesel but I’m worried about long-term wear and tear on the engine. Should I be adding 2-stroke oil to help lubricate the motor, or is this practice only required for turbo-diesel setups? Secondly, I mostly drive the vehicle on-road so do I still have to change the engine oil every 5 000 km? Lastly, is an aftermarket turbo conversion a bad idea for this engine, or could I get away with it? Richard Rattue THE

Question by: Peter Flockhart Answer by: Fana van ZylI’m the owner of an ’00 Daihatsu Rocky 2.7 turbo-diesel intercooled. I’ve had this vehicle for 10 years; I bought it second-hand with 20 000 km on the clock. It’s currently done 325 000 km, and much of this mileage has been trouble-free with only regular services, two clutch jobs and the replacement of suspension bushes. Remarkably, the vehicle does not use a drop of oil between services. However, I’ve recently had a problem with the transfer case which whines in 2WD. I live in Durban and have found that the so-called

Question by: Andre van Jaarsveldt Answer by: Ronald HairbottleI’m the proud owner of an ’04 Nissan Hardbody 3.3-litre petrol. However, I have a problem with my vehicle’s ride: it’s hard and bumpy on corrugated roads. I’m going to fit new shocks pretty soon – will they solve my Hardbody’s hard-ride problem? Andre van Jaarsveldt THE EXPERT’S OPINION: Yes, new shocks will make a noticeable difference, but only if a set of high-quality aftermarket units are installed, with preference to off-road specific brands like Old Man Emu. However, if your suspension system is worn it’ll put added stress on your new

Question by: John de Faria Answer by: Johann ViljoenI’m proud to announce that after purchasing an ‘00 Isuzu 280 DT I’ve officially joined the R50k club. I bought the vehicle with worn tyres but luckily I had a set of new Cooper STs (31 / 10.5 / 15) lying around. Unfortunately, the vehicle’s standard tyre size is 265 / 75 / 16, so I’ve borrowed a set 15” rims that are 10” wide. Is it safe to use a 10.5” tyre on a 10” rim? And if so, can I deflate the tyres without the risk of de-beading them? Or

Question by: Eugene van der Merwe Answer by: Arnold VenterMy ‘97 Colt 3.0 V6 uses about two litres of oil with every full tank of fuel, but as far as I can tell it’s not smoking or leaking any oil. Where on earth is the oil going, or what am I doing wrong? I use 20W50 as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Eugene van der Merwe THE EXPERT’S OPINION: A high-mileage Colt 6G72 engine will often show signs of uneven cylinder wear. Once this happens the tolerances between the cylinder wall and the piston ring are too great, causing the engine

Question by: Wayne du Ploy Answer by: Arnold VenterI own an ‘03 Colt 2.8 TDI. I would like to remove the vehicle’s viscous fan and replace it with two 10” electric fans. Is this a popular modification, and if so, at what temperature should the fans switch on? Wayne du Ploy THE EXPERT’S OPINION: This modification isn’t a good idea, especially not for the Colt 2.8 TDI. I’m doubtful that the electric fans will generate enough airflow to keep the radiator cool. What’s more, a double-fan setup may restrict air moving through the radiator when driving at low speeds. The

Question by: Groete Rudolf Answer by: Eric SkeenEk dink dis nogals baie nice dat ek so kan raad vra vir die manne wat weet terwyl ek hier in my huis ver van julle af sit. Ek wil net graag weet wat is die algemeenste radio frikwensie wat die 4×4 manne op praat? Ek het ‘n Uniden (XL510) 27 MHz in my bakkie gesit. Sommer ‘n radio wat ek vernuut gekry het maar nou wil ek net seker maak op watse frikwensie die meeste op praat. Ek het al gehoor hulle praat van n’ 29 MHz ook maar is nie seker

Question by: Sunny Mtimka Answer by: Arnold VenterWhat are the disadvantages of using 500 ppm diesel in a vehicle that recommends 50 ppm? And if there are any disadvantages, what can be done to force our filling stations to supply us with low-sulphur diesel? Sunny Mtimka THE EXPERT’S OPINION: In short: low-sulphur diesel (50 ppm) promotes cleaner combustion and therefore less wear on the engine. With regards to increasing the availability of 50 ppm, well, it may help if we collectively boycott those filling stations that fail to stock low-sulphur diesel. Arnold Venter CRD (4×4 fitment & repairs) (011) 907

Question by: Antonio Barone Answer by: Arnold VenterI own an ‘03 Nissan Patrol 3.0 TDI GRX. I bought the vehicle about two and a half years ago with approximately 18 000 km on the clock. My driving style is very tame and I’m always trying to get the most out of a full tank. To further improve the Patrol’s fuel consumption I had a performance chip fitted, and the catalytic converter removed. My thinking was simple: the more power I’ve got the lighter I can be on the throttle. I was particularly hoping for more low-down torque to lessen the

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