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Question by: Johan Palm Answer by: Dennis MaytomI own a Nissan Navara 4.0 and would like to upgrade the suspension. My personal experience with the OE suspension is that it’s too low for serious off-road work. I plan on overlanding with this bakkie to Namibia and Botswana but would like to have more confidence in the vehicle’s suspension system. I’ve chatted to various people about possible suspension upgrades and many folk speak highly of Old Man Emu, but will this system improve the Navara’s off-road ability while retaining on-road driveability? Johan Palm THE EXPERT’S OPINION: The Old Man Emu suspension

Question by: Arthur Manning Answer by: Arnold VenterI own an ‘00 Colt 2.8 TD. For some time now I’ve had a problem where the vehicle starts easily in the morning, but after running for a short while it splutters, spews out white smoke and then cuts outs. I then have to swing the engine for several seconds before it eventually fires to life again. I’ve tried bleeding the lift pump, but from what I can tell there’s no air in the system. I’ve also had the injectors checked and the lift pump replaced. This vehicle is regularly serviced so all

Qusetion by: Corné Opperman Answer by: Ronald HairbottleI drive an ‘84 Nissan Patrol SWB. It has a limited-slip diff at the rear and nothing up front. If I were to fit a diff-lock to this vehicle would it be advisable to put it at the rear, or should it be installed up front? If fitted to the front, will the locker affect my vehicle’s turning circle? Also, in terms of diff-locks, what options do I have for the Patrol? Corné Opperman THE EXPERT’S OPINION: The efficiency of your current limited-slip diff (LSD) will be marginal, now that the vehicle is

Question by: Versey Heydenrych Answer by: Arnold VenterI recently purchased an ‘09 Triton 3.2 DC. About two months ago I bought a 72-litre auxiliary tank from Front Runner, increasing the Triton’s fuel-carrying capacity to 147 litres. Unfortunately, the added fuel range has upset the vehicle’s onboard computer, which no longer accurately calculates the fuel consumption and estimated tank range. Is it possible to recalibrate this system for a 147-litre fuel tank? On a separate note: I replaced the Triton’s front bumper with an aftermarket winch bar and also fitted larger AT tyres (265 / 70 / 16). After performing these

Pic by Robin BrownIt’s called the Yellow Thing and it’s built using Discovery 1 mechanicals and a uniquely fabricated body of monocoque construction; the shell and roll cage are made from 3CR12 stainless steel, the doors and bonnet from aluminium and the fenders from fibreglass. Robin Brown is the man behind this creation and it’s seen here at the Rhino Park near Pretoria.

Pic by Justin Bean Driver: Stacey BeanWhat you’re seeing here is an attempt at a Land(y) speed record. That’s right, Justin Bean snapped this shot of his sister Stacey driving his Defender Td5 110 DC to possible fame and glory on Verneuk Pan while en route to the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. Note the cunning use of aerodynamic aids to maintain downforce. Although the actual speeds attained are still being verified by the authorities, Justin hints that Tracey came very close to cracking triple-digit velocities. Thrilling stuff…

Pic by Richard WhiteheadThis diesel Hilux 4×4 is the one with the auto box. It belongs to Richard Whitehead of Benoni who reports that it offers a great combination of power and ability. It’s seen here at De Hoop campsite in the Richtersveld on Christmas Day last year. Although still new (it was bought in June 2009), it’s already well travelled, having been to the Tuli Block, Lesotho and Sani Pass, Richtersveld and southern Namibia.

Pic by Peter BreitensteinNow this is an interesting vehicle. This pic was sent to us by Peter Breitenstein of Namibia who says that this Mitsubishi Delica is basically a Pajero but with a different body; It has Super Select 4WD and low-range, and is powered by the 2800 turbo-diesel with intercooler. He says that with the rear seats removed, this 8-seater becomes a great camping vehicle. Here it’s seen tackling a stretch of rough trail between Ruacana and the Epupa Falls.

Pic by Pieter van der WaltTsjoe, those trees look almost neon green when seen against the backdrop of a sparsely vegetated Lesotho. It’s Pieter van der Walt’s Defender 90 that we see here, parked in a riverbed in the northern region late last year. Pieter is planning to return when there’s snow on the ground.

Qusetion by: Michael Gill Answer by: Rob Eriksen-MillerI have a 3.5-litre Range Rover engine in a SWB lightweight Land Rover. For the last two years we’ve been trying to find out why it won’t start when hot. Pull it a car’s length and it starts and runs perfectly; the same if run downhill. Use the starter and it just spins over. Leave the bonnet open for 30 minutes and it fires up instantly. The main problem seems to be low voltage at the coil. We’ve tried lots of things over the last two years. What I’m looking for is something

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