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Name: Aileen Why do you need this light? Our 4×4 needs lights. My husband always puts us first and it would be awesome to be able to give him something back. Always dreaming of make his Jimny look awesome but then something breaks and needs to be replaced. And of course it will just look freaking awesome.

Name: Hendri Mouton Why do you need this light? It will really look nice on my Toyota bakki’s nudge bar and will really light up the African night and will keep me safe at night on the road and in the bush. It’s an awesome prize!! Happy 4×4 ing!!

Name: Hendri Mouton Why do you need this light? This is actually my 18 year old son on Duke our Landy in Mabua, Kalagadi. If we had Extreme Lights fitted on Duke, we may have seen the 5 lions that entered our camp that night. Instead, we only saw paw prints the following morning and were asked by our neighbors if we enjoyed our visitors

Name: Hennie Loock Why do you need this light? I really need this light as I stay’s in Ellisras SA (bush velt) and need it for night driving in the bush and on the road to keep my family save from the wild life and to keep the wild life safe from being hit by my 4×4…thanks a mill Hennie

Name: Paul Morel Why do you need this light? My two LED spotlights both mysteriously cracked after 1 year & I paid nearly R3000 for them (after swearing blind I would never spend more than R600). Someone says it was malicious damage, I am not convinced; all the same I can’t see anything at night now as I removed them and life at night in my landy is now not so bright…… 🙂

Name: Paul Loots Why do you need this light? Would like to do more wheeling at night so a light bar would sure come in handy. Jeep For Life

Name: Jan Duvenage Why do you need this light? My 4X4 is a mitshubishi Triton. It’s an excellent vehicle except for one thing, the lights! It’s high beam is a bright and as wide as two candles. The cure is obvious, the best on the market, Extremelights, X lamp. A wide throw and tuff enough to go anywhere. I enjoy off road driving a much as the next guy but driving home off road in the dark because I can’t see the road is to much

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