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Pic by Willie le Roux Willie le Roux is currently working in Saudi Arabia, and as we can see by this photo, he’s making sure his 4×4 skills don’t get rusty. Come home soon, Willie!

Pic by Walter & Corrie Kutcher Walter and Corrie Kutcher look untroubled by their watery progress in their stock-standard Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited 3.8-litre V6 auto.  The shot was snapped while they were at the Groenkloof Nature Reserve attending a Jeep training course.

Pic by Dough reid This is one Triton that’s ready for business. It belongs to Doug Reid of Cape Town. The 3.2-litre D-iD was snapped during its first trip to the Richtersveld with the 4×4 Off road Adventure Club in April last year. The vehicle is well kitted out with a long-range fuel tank, 100-litre SS water tank, Alu Cab canopy, dual battery, ARB compressor, fridge / freezer, drawer system, second spare wheel and front roofrack. It also sports a 29 Mhz radio, Tyredog tyre pressure monitor, Burnco rock sliders, Old Man Emu suspension, Safari Snorkel and 32” Coopers STT

Pic by Johan Roodt Johan Roodt is the proud owner of this ‘80 Geländewagen cabriolet. Here we see it taking a rare break from the action during a visit to De Wildt 4×4.

Pic by Vernon Kennedy-Van Dam It was during his first tour of Namibia, in December ’10, that Mpumalanga resident Vernon Kennedy-Van Dam snapped this shot of their ‘98 Pajero 3.5 V6 on a hilltop overlooking the Aussenkehr Nature Reserve, on the road from Ais-Ais to Sendelingsdrift. Vernon reports that they travelled 6 500 km in 10 days, most of it on gravel roads, without the Pajero giving any trouble.  e trusty Mitsubishi has covered some 172 000 km and sports OME suspension and a roller drawer system.

Pic by Cyril Klopper Now there’s an overlander you don’t see very often. This capable Jimny belongs to Cyril Klopper. The image was snapped during the last week of 2010 when Klopper, his wife and daughter explored Namaqualand and the Richtersveld Transfrontier Park. As avid hikers and motorcyclists, this family believe in packing light so the Jimny’s limited luggage space has never been a problem for them. The little 4×4 is kitted out with a winch, suspension upgrade and AT tyres.

Pic by Jacques Stassen Sjoe, that’s one sweet-looking Courier – colour-coded everythings! This ‘93 3-litre V6 belongs to Jacques Stassen, who’s considering trading the beefy V6 motor for a 2.5 diesel.

Pic by Robin BrownIt’s called the Yellow Thing and it’s built using Discovery 1 mechanicals and a uniquely fabricated body of monocoque construction; the shell and roll cage are made from 3CR12 stainless steel, the doors and bonnet from aluminium and the fenders from fibreglass. Robin Brown is the man behind this creation and it’s seen here at the Rhino Park near Pretoria.

Pic by Justin Bean Driver: Stacey BeanWhat you’re seeing here is an attempt at a Land(y) speed record. That’s right, Justin Bean snapped this shot of his sister Stacey driving his Defender Td5 110 DC to possible fame and glory on Verneuk Pan while en route to the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. Note the cunning use of aerodynamic aids to maintain downforce. Although the actual speeds attained are still being verified by the authorities, Justin hints that Tracey came very close to cracking triple-digit velocities. Thrilling stuff…

Pic by Richard WhiteheadThis diesel Hilux 4×4 is the one with the auto box. It belongs to Richard Whitehead of Benoni who reports that it offers a great combination of power and ability. It’s seen here at De Hoop campsite in the Richtersveld on Christmas Day last year. Although still new (it was bought in June 2009), it’s already well travelled, having been to the Tuli Block, Lesotho and Sani Pass, Richtersveld and southern Namibia.

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