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Name: Ives Visagie Why do you need this light? I need a set of these awesome lights to enable me to do some night Driving. Some times you get caught in the wilderness after dark, and I don’t want the fun to end.

Name: Roland Rau Why do you need this light? It would make camping in the wilderness camps we enjoy so much that much easier, especially after a long day of driving when you arrive late at camp!

Name: Mike Botha Why do you need this light? Except for the great look, it will also improve safety and decrease maintenance on any vehicle. I drive roads where there are a lot of cattle walking free, which is why I had to fit these spotlights. They draw a lot of amps though and the alternator and battery are really taking a beating. Cooling will also be greatly improved when a LED light Bar is fitted and that is why I need a set of these extreme headlights.

Name: Dick Conradie Why do you need this light? Traveling and playing in Africa takes a special kind of dedication and these Extreme Lights makes it so much easier and safer. With more light, you can easier identify obstacles or danger much quicker making for much safer travel. The build quality of these lights also will ensure a long lifetime with my active lifestyle and driving style of a Rubicon Jeep.

Name: Thapelo Kgopodithate Why do you need this light? Traveling on off-road terrains require extreme light like this exepecially in kalahari where i am residing.i prefer a combination of a spot and spread light due to the various driving condition, the need for the light to be robust and suited to the conditions encountered off road like the constant vibration of corrugated roads, animal strikes and the ability to be submersed. and my bull bar designs required a extreme lights like this one of yours.

Name: Jonathan Burch Why do you need this light? They will just do wonders to my maniac 4×4 bumper that I am shortly going to commandeer! They will light up the way and allow me to do some serious tracks well into the night with complete safety and 20 20 vision I love the fact that they are low on power consumption, weight and size… Even though they give that amount of light! I’m a big fan and I will definitely utilise these lights they way they should be. My amarok will be the best home for them. Please help…

Name: Braam Oosthuizen Why do you need this light? Because we normally take the less travelled roads where not a lot of people go so the lights will be handy on the bad overgrown roads especially when it is wet when we are on expedition…

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