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Name: John Hishin Why do you need this light? Driving through the night on our adventures through Southern Africa will be enhanced by by having a set of Extreme LED lights on the front of my Landy, getting me to the places where the golden light of dawn will allow me to share more wonderful images with the world.

Name: Drikus Why do you need this light? Then I will be able to join the rest on the night challenges and have a nice picture taken.

Name: Ewald Stander Why do you need this light? I own a budget 4×4 with budget,second hand and hand-me-down parts.I cut my bumper to look “aftermarket” and put a bar with fog lights on it… my light bar. There is nothing I like more than starting my road trips in the dark. The thrill of the sun coming up, and going down.To keep me and my family safe I need better lights and would love a set of the real McCoy, EXTREME LIGHTS.

Name: Michelle de Lange Why do you need this light? I love 4x4ing. It is a huge part of my life. I try to get out as often as possible but the only thing holding me back is my night blindness. After driving into a small wooden bridge after one 4×4 competition I have completely lost my nerve to drive at night. These extreme lights would be an awesome edition to my Landy and allow me to play at night once more.

Name: Philip Why do you need this light? I work as a conservationist on a big 5 nature reserve in limpopo. we have very long and rough access road that takes us to the nearest tar road, which then further leads us on a 50 km drive to the nearest town. Buffalo, elephants and lions are a everyday challenge to avoid on the roads at night time and good visibility at night whilst driving will be a important factor for our safety, as well as the animals. I often assist in anti poaching operations as response unit, and therefore need

Name: Charl Marais Why do you need this light? Ons bly in Donker Afrika dan is ons nog ongelooflik lief om op en oor dongas in in ver verlate plekke rond te 4×4 en ten speite van n goeie tydskrif met baie wenke en waarhede het mens altyd nog LIG nodig.

Name: Nico Botha Why do you need this light? To upgrade my jk poor light visibility as it is stock and jk’s dont have the best lights in stock form..

Name: Magnaite Francisco Why do you need this light? Rhino my Pride and Joy! My 2011 Defender 110 Puma every time I turn on the ignitions is the Start of a new adventure. I’m currently planning a new Trip to Angola and most of the Roads have Poor illumination and at Kwanza Norte where I would be doing most of my Travelling would be pitch black most of the time… Travelling with my 2 years old Daughter and my Wife night driving will be a common practice since she will be fast as Sleep. Last but not the least Extreme

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