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Name: Sean van Wyk Why do you need this light? Struggle to drive at night, a light bar will give me the extra light to drive with confidence.

Name: Justin Why do you need this light? Because I have an awesome bullbar which is incomplete without a 90w led lightbar. this light wpuld be ideal on my landy as I do alot of dirt track driving through areas where there are alot of kudu crossing the road or browsing on the side. very often with oversees guests, so I need a light that has a strong wide beam so I can see these animals in advance.

Name: Brenda Why do you need this light? I want to start suping-up my 4×4 and figured the light bar would be a good place to start.

Name: Steve G Why do you need this light? New truck doesn’t know where to go…with some decent light you can change that for me 🙂

Name: Jaco Roos Why do you need this light? I am a student at NWU Potchefstroom. This car was my gift for my 21st birthday, when my parents decided to give it to me instead of selling it. I live in Witbank, Mpumalanga and I’m a very big outdoor enthusiast. This picture was taken at the Drakensberg mountains in July this year. I need these awesome spotlights, because most of my driving takes place at night on old roads with many potholes and extra light will be much appreciated. I need this set because I want to replace my current

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