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Fish River Canyon in Namibia All kitted out with their fierce-looking Conqueror trailer, Petrus du Plooy and his wife leave Ai-Ais near the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. Their next port of call was Oranjemund, via the Gamchab 4×4; they said it was fascinating to see the change in the landscape as they moved along.

Taking adventure to a new level! Laura Sinnema and her husband spent some time visiting Lake Natron in Tanzania in 2007. At this time the volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai was still active; and they even experienced an earthquake while camping at the lake.

Springbok to Lambert’s Bay. Stop and smell the flowers – that’s what Flip Marais and wife Trudie try to do every year. They head off in their ’97 Isuzu 280 to the flowers in Namaqaland, travelling from Springbok to Lambert’s Bay, where they claim you find the best-tasting fresh fish in town!

Mogol River in Ellisras. Every 4x4er knows that it’s pointless washing your vehicle while on an off-road trip, as it’ll be dirty again in five minutes. So, why not do as Alta Amm does, and take it through the 4x4er’s car wash? They’re having fun here, taking their 4.7L Jeep Grand Cherokee through the Mogol River in Ellisras.

The path less travelled may very well be the one in your back garden. Earlier this year, Marrianne Springer decided to do some local adventuring with her husband. We see them here crossing the Bree River with the Pont at Malgas, on their way to do some sightseeing and bird watching. They claim that their 07 Subaru Forester 2.5 XS never missed a beat over very bad rocky terrain. As the advert says, “What a car!”

Need more space? Garth Bianchi took full advantage of his Front Runner roofrack while cruising Botswana last year in his Jeep Wrangler 3.8 Rubicon. Just watch that mud, Garth!

Comparing transport with the locals on a mountain pass in Lesotho. Gwen Watson and her husband seen smiling happily before travelling through the dark and snow of Sani Pass – rather terrifying – in their ’08 Land Rover Defender Puma SW.

Kgalagadi and Richtersveld Willie Davel’s Hilux, all dressed in white with the Pod rooftop tent, looks like it’s ready for the big day. Willie and his wife Amanda enjoy the outdoors, and took this photo while going with their Fortuner D4D through rough and tough places in the Kgalagadi and Richtersveld.

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