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Although not always ideal if you want to avoid vehicle damage, rock crawling is sometimes a necessity. South Africa, in particular, is a very rocky place − and if you’re going to drive off-road, you’ll come across rocky terrain sooner rather than later. The word ‘crawling’ in ‘rock crawling’ explains everything, and means that you’ll be going extremely slowly in first-gear low-range and climbing over large, often loose boulders which may be a challenge… especially in a standard 4×4. Preparing your vehicle Depending on the terrain, it’s often necessary to deflate your tyres. In rock, whether it is loose or

River crossings are an inevitable challenge. Handled correctly, they can be made without incident, but they can also go wrong fast. Avoid deep crossings if possible, and always approach them with respect. We’ve had our fair share of mishaps − from a blown engine in a V10 Touareg, to a partially submerged Land Rover pulled out by a three-wheeled digger. Step 1 – Assess the situation By ‘assess’, we mean make sure that you won’t drown your vehicle or get washed downstream. A very rough rule of thumb is that standard 4x4s shouldn’t ford deeper than tyre height, because many

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